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Anonymous submitted:

This happened when I was really young, like four or five so sometimes I tried to pretend it was just imagination but I know it wasn’t. i was a rambunctious child and I would always run around outside and climb trees and such. My mom would tell me not to be too crazy or else I would get hurt, but I didn’t really listen. I didn’t get hurt or bruised or anything when I went outside (impressive for a five-year-old, I know). But one night, I heard like an old man’s voice in my ear as I was under the cover. He said, “You should have listened to your mother,” and then I felt a pain on my knees and screamed.

When my parents rushed in and I took off the blanket, I had two new bruises on my knees. My parents just thought it was because of some accident I must have had, but I knew.

James: 8/10 Oof, who do you think that voice came from? Thanks for sharing the scares!




by cnkguy

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