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British Columbia

Empress Hotel Victoria BC 1920


In The Empress Hotel in Victoria. The apparition of thin man with a mustache walking the halls with a cane who is thought to be that of this building’s architect, Francis Rattenbury, has been seen. Also, the apparitional maid is seen on the sixth floor still cleaning after death. One room is haunted by a little girl who is often seen by guests staying in the room. During the 1960s, a construction worker working on the west tower’s top floor saw a shadowy form swinging from the ceiling; apparently another worker hung himself there a year earlier. This area has now been converted into high luxury suites. Guests have reported having an elderly woman in pajamas knocking on their door and looking lost. Upon trying to find her room she leads people toward the elevator before simply disappearing. She is thought to be a spectre who once haunted one room (after dying of natural causes) but that room was demolished to make room for more elevators leaving her missing in this hotel.

Hatley Castle, Hatley Park National Historic Site in Colwood. This former military academy is haunted by a family that once lived there. It was built in 1908 for James Dunsmuir, a former Premier and Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia. The castle stayed in the Dunsmuir family until 1930, however once it was sold, a family of specters moved in with the new tenants. The first sightings were of the son, who lost his life in the great war. He was seen by his sister, walking along the edge of the pond beside this castle. When it was transformed into a military academy, Mrs. Dunsmuir’s ghost began to appear. She has been known to drag young cadets out of their beds, pulling them to the floor in the middle of the night. It was featured on Creepy Canada.

Hotel Vancouver in Vancouver. During the 1930s and 1940s, Jennie Pearl Cox was a hotel ballroom regular at this hotel. After she lost her life in a car collision in 1944 in front of the hotel, her apparition allegedly stuck around. Sightings range from a group of anonymous Japanese tourists whose room was already occupied by a “lady in red”- Cox was wearing a red dress at the time of her death- to visions of her passing through the elevator on the first and 14th floors. Her spirit has become so popular that there is even a cocktail named after her in the lounge.

St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver. The paranormal activities in this hospital are apparitional former staff members and patients, electrical disturbances, disembodied voices with unexplained sounds, light anomalies, objects moving on their own, lights turning on and off by themselves as well as a feeling of being watched.

Tranquille Sanatorium near Kamloops. The building was built in 1907 to treat tuberculosis. A small community was built around it including gardens, houses, a farm, fire department, and more facilities. In 1958, the hospital closed and was reopened in 1959 to treat the mentally ill. It closed permanently in 1983. Today it is uninhabited but is planned for demolishon as the surrounding land is converted to a resort. Some believe the ghosts of former patients roam the property.

Vogue Theatre in Vancouver. The specter of a young pregnant woman who committed suicide haunts the lower levels of the building. Shadow figures are seen in the projection room. The dark apparition of a male is seen by visitors sitting in the seats, sometimes alone or with other apparitions. The spooky smells of alcohol and cigar smoke have filled this theatre as well as sounds of laughter and applause. Other paranormal activities are light anomalies, thick air that makes it almost impossible to walk, disembodied voices, shadow figures seen by visitors in the corner of anyone’s eyes, apparitions in both washrooms, cold spots and apparitions seen by witnesses in mirrors.

Washington Avenue Grill in White Rock. The restaurant’s staff as well as patrons have paranormal reports about two apparitions. A spectral young woman who was struck down by a car in front of the grill and the romantic interest who committed suicide shortly after her death. Her apparition walks out of an adjacent cemetery, enters through this restaurant, and walks up as well as down the stairs. Her apparitional romantic interest is known for touching both staff members and patrons. It was featured on Creepy Canada.


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British Columbia

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