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Boy In Dark

Anonymous Submitted:

I was eating cold pizza for some reason one night in my apartment. This is a third floor apartment, mind you. It was getting pretty late and I was thinking of turning in and then I started hearing light taps on my window. Tap Tap Tap! My blinds were all closed. I wondered if it was some kind of animal like a squirrel because there is a tree by my window. Well, I don’t think it was a squirrel after what I saw next.

I opened the blinds and there was nothing by window, no squirrels or the like. But I looked down and across the street, underneath the lamp, there was a kid. The kid was looking directly up at my window, like he was staring at me through it or something. He was dressed in weird old-timey clothes too. I’m not really sure sure that he was looking, but that’s because his whole face was covered in shadow even though he was standing directly in the lantern. It was like his whole face was just a void. I jumped back. When I got the courage to look again a few minutes later, he was gone.

James: 7/10 Ok yeah little kids freak me out in general. When they look like that I can only imagine.




by cnkguy
Boy In Dark

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