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Bois Blanc Island, Lake Huron, Michigan:​#BoisBlanc Island is a…

Bois Blanc Island, Lake Huron, Michigan:

​#BoisBlanc Island is a 34-square-mile #island located directly southeast of #Mackinac Island in #LakeHuron. A town called Bois Blanc Township encompasses the small isle, which as of 2001 had a population of only 71. Residents living in houses throughout the island’s remote #wilderness frequently report feeling a strange, unexplained energy, as well as witnessing glowing #orbs deep within the #woods, and the #apparitions of unidentified men and women. Others report hearing strange, #inhuman noises and cries coming from the woods at night, and those who venture outside after dark report hearing the sounds of disembodied footsteps that stalk pedestrians from just out of sight. One popular #folklore tale told by locals tells of two #British #soldiers who were killed by #NativeAmerican warriors after deserting their posts and a #bounty was placed on their heads. Although #historical evidence to support this story is lacking, many have claimed to witness the two soldiers’ #spirits at night wearing old #army uniforms.

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Source: Ghost Quest USA

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Bois Blanc Island, Lake Huron, Michigan:​#BoisBlanc Island is a…

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