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Black Shadows


forever-losing-bobby-pins submitted:

I was about 4 or 5 maybe when this happened. I still remember it so vividly, like it happened yesterday.
I had a cabin bed at the time. The kind that is like a bunk bed but with a desk underneath.
For some reason I was sleeping at the bottom of my bed, where the dip was for the ladders. I just remember sleeping in my pile of teddies.
I felt someone was watching me and in my dream my teddies were telling me I needed to wake up and move.
I woke up and saw a dark slim figure of a man, he had no face and his head pointed. The best way to describe it, would be like a kkk mask but without any detail.
It felt like he was leaning over me and wanted to hurt me. I hid under my covers waiting for it to go but every time I looked he was still there, beside me, leaning over me. Eventually he left me alone and I was able to scream for my mum.
My mum came in and saw nothing but I knew he was still watching somewhere.

The thing that gets me now is. I still remember it. I still shit myself in the dark or when I hear a bang. I’m scared he’s back. My mum had always told me it was the cats tail but I’ve always known it wasn’t.
The other day I was talking to my mum about ghosts and I mentioned the shadow man that I saw. It was the first time I had really told her.
As I was telling the story her face was filled with horror and she looked like she was going to cry. My mum doesn’t mind ghosts so I started to worry. When I asked her what’s up she said: “ I’m not sure if I should say this but….I think it’s real…. I believe you. You had awful nightmares as a kid. I would get up a couple of times a night to comfort you. I always felt unsafe, like something was watching us and trying to hurt us. Whatever it was, it was bad.”

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod James: 10/10 I’m giving this a 10 because I’m sure as shit I’m gonna get nightmares in a lil bit.  The figure sounds very scary.  It makes it slightly better to imagine it as Darkness from Pajama Sam. Also the teddy bear part was wild, my goodness. Thanks for sharing the scares!




by cnkguy
Black Shadows

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