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Belongs in the house


pantslesspotatoes submitted: 

To preface this, I am a fairly new antiques dealer in a pretty nice beach town in Southern California. And surprise, pretty much every antiques dealer has a personal ghost story or two. But the one story that really got to me was from my sarcastic, less than spiritual boss.

So antique dealers often do estate sales to empty out the house so it’s ready for sale. So before one such sale begins, the realtor and home owner pull my boss aside and tell him that last night the house was exorcised by a priest and that this was not public knowledge and they didn’t want it getting out because they thought it may hurt the sale of the house. So they finish the sale, and a lot of the items sell. Items left over are either donated or offered to my boss. So he takes small items and two larger items left, a large antique armoir and a big antique dining room cabinet, which the home owner offers to my boss for free because she does not want to take them to the thrift store. Since my boss loves free things he gladly accepted them (even though those two items are usually hard to sell) and later that day he puts them in his shop. About two months go by and no one has shown any interest until one day a middle aged lady comes in and instantly gravitates towards the two pieces and claims that she “needs to have them, they belong in my house”. She says that they aren’t even her style and she never shops at antique stores but she just has to have them. My boss asks where she is going to put such large pieces and she tells him that she just bought a new house two weeks ago and needed to fill it. She hires him to move the furniture into the house. As soon as he turns onto the street he realizes those items are from that same exorcised house they originally came from. It’s like the house, or whatever is in the house, wanted its belongings back.

James: 7/10 Ooh, ok I really like that. Thanks for sharing the scares!




by cnkguy
Belongs in the house

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