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beggars-opera:beggars-opera:Do you ever see an image and immediately get yeeted into a very specific…



Do you ever see an image and immediately get yeeted into a very specific memory that you had blocked for years

Because I just saw a picture of a friend’s chair and I was suddenly, horrifically aware again of the text prank gone wrong years ago that had a woman convinced I was in contact with the ghost of her dead mother

@myoldhaunts@rorschach-test-on-fire​ Ok, so I went back in my archives to check and apparently I deleted the photo that started the whole thing but this was my adventure:

One day in early 2014, out of the blue, I get a text from a number I don’t recognize, containing a photo of a chair.

Not a fancy chair. Not a chair with anyone in it. Just like an old living room stuffed chair with a rumpled blanket thrown on it and I think a hot water bottle, clearly taken in someone’s house. Something like this but more worn and less orderly:


The only message with this was “weird?”

Weird? What’s weird? Was the chair weird? Was it weird that someone was sending me pictures of a chair? I had no idea, so I simply reply “yes.”

Then a message comes back: “what do u think?”

I’m being pranked, is what I think. So I turn to tumblr to solve my dilemma, explaining that I’d just gotten this bizarre message from a stranger and asking how I should respond. One of my friends answers:


Keep in mind all this friend knew was that I had a picture of a chair. She was probably thinking it was a fancy antique chair that would fit the ghost aesthetic a bit better, but being bored, I decided to go along with the joke anyway and see what happened. 

I thought at this point the person would either role play with me or realize they had the wrong number, but I was so, so wrong.

At this point I have photo evidence:


Still potentially thinking that this was someone I knew who just wasn’t in my address book, I remind them that I was a theatrical makeup minor and an expert in these things, and that it looked like their photoshoot was a roaring success.

There was silence for a time.

Then suddenly a new message pops up. I don’t have it saved but it was something along the lines of, “I know this is the wrong number now, but please tell me more about the woman in the picture. How do you know what she looks like? Please answer, this is important”


I’m starting to get creeped out so I very politely apologize for the confusion and explain that I didn’t actually see anything in the chair and sorry for the confusion.

This woman wasn’t buying it.

She proceeds to explain to me that this chair had belonged to her mother, who had just died of lung cancer. She had been trying to send the photo to her sister, starting a conversation about how strange it was to see the chair empty. And then some complete rando had answered telling her that she could see a dead woman with a hole in her chest sitting in her mom’s chair.

Holy fuck.

At this point I bend over backwards apologizing for the misunderstanding, there was absolutely no way my message was genuine, it was a prank, the comment had been suggested by a friend who hadn’t even seen the photo in question, I am so, so sorry for your loss ma’am I’m just some dumb punk please don’t hate me.

She still wasn’t buying it. 

She sends me another text asking where I was. Because it didn’t sound like a local number, I name the town I was in, like an idiot. She replies “That’s my mother’s maiden name. It’s a sign. Please, I need to know more. One of you must have actually seen something.”

Nope. NOPE. NOPE NOPE. I reply that this was definitely a joke written by someone else, who never even saw the picture, there is nothing supernatural going on here but you are starting to freak me out so very sorry, I’m leaving now. She responds by leaving me a long, rambling voicemail begging me to get in touch with my friend and confirm that she actually saw a ghost in this chair, because clearly this friend was clairvoyant if she came up with this visual without even seeing the picture.

I wish I could say there was an interesting end to this story, but I blocked the number after that.

To the best of my knowledge my friend still can’t see ghosts.

I think.

Source: Tales of Necromancy

by cnkguy
beggars-opera:beggars-opera:Do you ever see an image and immediately get yeeted into a very specific…

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