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Barn Doors, Bathrooms & Boxes | Junkin' With Jenny


We show you how to create your own barn door style rolling window shutters.

Creative ideas for an old seat.

How to give a vanilla bathroom a little flavor.

Ideas on how to fix up an old toolbox.

How to take the salmon out of the kitchen.

Teaching old milk jugs, new tricks.

What to do with an old trunk.

This is Junkin’ With Jenny, the show all about taking what some may consider junk and giving it new life.

We want to help you do just that with your ITEMS and SPACES – If you would like one on one advice from jenny – on the show – Submit a picture of your item or space and a little info about it at and we may feature it on a future episode of the show.



, Real Ghost Stories

by cnkguy
Barn Doors, Bathrooms & Boxes | Junkin' With Jenny

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