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Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery

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Ashmore Estates Asylum

Ashmore Estates Asylum

Coles County Poor Farm was located in Charleston Township near the small town of Loxa, Illinois.
Between 1870 and 1879, there were recorded 32 deaths out of the roughly 250 inmates who had stayed at the farm between.
The building was condemned in 1911, and in 1916 construction of a new building began. Ashmore Estates Asylum was what it is now call went bankrupt and the building was abandoned 1990.

Bachelor's Grove Cemetery

Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery

The existing cemetery was said to have been set-aside in 1864, when Edward Everden sold this land to Frederick Schmidt but set aside one acre of land to be used as a graveyard. It is unknown how many people are buried in this cemetery because many of the tombstones are missing and historical records are incomplete. Some local historians have said that the cemetery is actually called Batchelor Grove Cemetery because of the Batchelor family who settled here.

The ghost stories probably began in the late 1950’s. This area was well known to the local gangsters of the 1920’s and 1930’s because a number of bodies were found in the small lagoon bordering the cemetery that was thought to be victims of the mob and organized crime.

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Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery

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