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luciferlaughs:This horned lizard has sinuses filled with blood,…

by cnkguy
luciferlaughs:This horned lizard has sinuses filled with blood,…


This horned lizard has sinuses filled with blood, which it squirts at predators as a defense mechanism.




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Born Lucky

by cnkguy
Born Lucky

born luckyReading Time: 10 minutes

I bought the winning Mega Millions lottery ticket last week, but it hasn’t been announced, and it never will be. And I need to tell you why.

I bought it last Thursday from the gas station 5 minutes from my house. I’m not usually a lottery person, but I figured with the jackpot being as high as it is, why not? It wasn’t until I got home that I noticed it, the message. Underneath the Mega Millions logo was a message printed so lightly it was barely visible.

> Come alone

And below that, at a bit of an angle, just as nearly-readable, was a set of GPS coordinates. I looked up where those GPS coordinates led, and it was about a three hour drive from my house, an apparently empty field just past the state line. I did some searching around online, looking for similar instances as this one, people seeing messages on their lottery tickets, but found nothing. I was apprehensive to go, I think with good reason, but I was intrigued, very much so. I had this piece of paper in my hand, one that had a one in almost 260 million chance of being worth upwards of a billion dollars, but not just that, this one also had something more to it. It may sound foolish to you, but the curiosity it had piqued was nigh impossible to ignore.

I had off work that next day, and I decided that I was going to drive that three hours. I knew it was a long shot…in fact, “long shot” is the wrong term. I was driving to somewhere I’ve never been, a place where there was apparently nothing but grass as far as they eye can see, for what was essentially no reason that was known to me. As I drove, the foolishness of the whole endeavor started to weigh on me, and I almost considered turning around. I looked at my GPS and realized I was already almost halfway there, so I said “fuck it” and pressed on.

The GPS took to me down a long dirt road, but the destination was about a quarter mile into a field of tall grass and cornstalks. I parked the car and trekked the rest of the way on foot. I got as close to the exact latitude and longitudinal points as I could and found myself as I’d imagined: standing in the middle of a big field with a stupid look on my face, and feeling even stupider

All I could see in any direction was more grass, trees, a few cornstalks here and there, and blue sky. The crickets chirped…and chirped…and chirped. I stood there for a few minutes, looking around, waiting for something, someone, anyone, anything. But the wind just kept blowing, the crickets kept chirping. I yelled out


No response.

“I’m here alone!”

No response.

I was disappointed. I didn’t know why, but I was disappointed. I had no idea what I was expecting, but whatever it was, it didn’t happen. I took an exasperated breath and resolved to walk back to my car, get in, turn around, and drive the three hours back home, thinking that I’d come out here solely to stand in a field for 10 minutes. Then I turned around.

Standing behind me were four people in suits. Over those suits they wore ankle-length jackets with hoods that completely obscured their faces. They stood shoulder to shoulder, effectively blocking the path from whence I’d come. I just sort of stood there; I had no idea what to say. This certainly isn’t what I was expecting, but then again, the entire scenario was strange, so perhaps this wasn’t all that unusual, considering.

Just as I was going to open my mouth to try to speak, one of them beat me to the punch.

“Do you have the ticket?”

I reached in my back pocket and retrieved my wallet, took out the ticket, and held it up. The two people on the inside of the line stepped back and to the side, extending their arms as if to invite me to walk past, an invitation I hesitantly accepted. I took awkward steps towards them, towards them, towards them….up to them, and started past them. Once I’d passed the cloaked people, they turned around and began to follow me.

Every instinct I had told me to run, but each of my legs felt like they weighed a thousand pounds. I kept on the way I’d come in, but about halfway back I was met by two more people in suits and cloaks who then led me into an area covered in grass that was taller than me. The other four continued following closely behind, and it was them I was most unsure of. We walked for about three minutes through the tall grass until we met yet another two people in suits and cloaks standing in a small circular area where the grass had been laid flat.

Those two then leaned over and each moved a sheet of the downed grass to the side, revealing a hatch door. It was then that I found my voice.

“Where does that go?” I asked them, even though I felt like I didn’t have a choice as to whether or not I’d be finding out regardless.

“To safety,” someone said from behind me. That answer actually put me at relative ease, and I still don’t know why. I had no reason to think anything good was going to happen, but that assurance gave me a strange peace of mind.

I walked up to the hatch and looked into it, finding a narrow staircase leading down to a landing with what looked to be an equally narrow hallway to the left. I looked over my shoulder and found the suited people slowly closing in behind me, not necessarily in a threatening way, so I started heading down the stairs. As I got about halfway down, some lights clicked on, which I was thankful for, as I’d expected to be in the dark once the sunlight was no longer an option.

The door to the hatch was closed behind me and the four cloaked people that followed closely behind. Two of the cloaked people squeezed around the sides of me and led the way as we passed a number of doors. We finally reached the end of the hall, and a set of double doors. One of the suited people removed a glove and placed their right hand on a scanner, and I heard a lock unclick.

They opened the door and led me in, and I was met by a man in a red suit with a white, hooded cloak. He looked to me and asked an odd question:

“Do you feel lucky?”

I didn’t know how to respond, so I just kind of shrugged.

“How did you feel when you bought the ticket?” he asked.

“Uh…just…sorta like I just bought a lottery ticket, I don’t know?” I was beyond nervous.

“The ticket you bought is a winner. The winner. Had you cashed it in, you would be wealthy beyond your wildest imagination.”

“So…why am I here? Why am I not cashing it?” his crypticness was immediately aggravating. “Wait, how do you even know that? The winning numbers haven’t even been drawn yet.”

“Do you remember who won the last time there was a substantial jackpot? Or the time before that?” the man asked. “Well, they’re dead. Or missing, I suppose, officially… But they’re dead.”

Again, I didn’t know what to say.

“An 11-person office pool won this past July in California, but the true winner was a woman named Patricia Stephens. They made sure another ticket with the winning numbers was printed so they could take her. Before that, a trust in Ohio was named as the winner, but it was really a small non-profit organization in Minnesota, which soon shut its doors without reason. About a month before that, a man named Richard Wahl in New Jersey was the supposed winner. The person before him that got the same numbers he did was Matthew Poulos, who left his house to go claim his winnings and was never seen again, just up and left his wife and newborn daughter.” he continued. “You were the first one we were able to get before the ticket was cashed and it was too late… before they replaced you with a new winner.”

“Too la…hold on…what?” I had no idea what was going on. “Too late for what?”

“Before they could get to you,” he said, as if I was supposed to know who he was talking about.

“Who?! What the fuck are you talking about?!” I just wanted to know what was happening, and getting these bits and pieces was frustrating.

“The MUSL, Multi-State Lottery Association. They’re doing…things. They’re taking the people that have won, the actual winners, and….experimenting. They believe there is something about the human brain, the human mind…consciousness… that influences what we call luck.”

I stared at the man for a moment.

“That’s fucking ridiculous,” I blurted out, not meaning to be rude, but…it was ridiculous.

“I’m sure that’s how it sounds. Perhaps I can show you.” The man’s tone changed from one of hurried panic to a calm, relaxed one.

He led me through another door, down another hallway, and into what looked to be a hospital room, only with markedly more computers, none of which were on, and some of which looked like they hadn’t been touched in some time, others yet broken.

“What is this place, down here?” I asked, not just of the room we were in, but the entire bunker.

“This is where we monitor them,” he replied.

“The lottery people?”

“Yes…as well as…” he trailed off. “This is where we do monitoring of our own. We have reason to believe that the MUSL somehow tracks who is going to win. They somehow guide people, influence them. We–”

“Ow!” I cut him off and reflexively grabbed my right elbow after feeling a tiny pinch. I looked behind me and didn’t see anything, nor was there any blood.

“Are you okay?” the man asked.

“Yeah…sorry.” I focused my attention back to him.

“I have something to show you that may shock you. But I feel it would be best for you to see it nonetheless.”

I agreed, and followed the man out of the hospital-like room and farther down the hall, through another set of double doors, and to the right, where he unlocked a door much heavier than the rest had been. We walked into an almost pitch black room that was near-freezing.

“Watch your step,” the man told me.

Just as he did, I nearly lost my footing as we took a single step down.

“Morgue 3 lights,” he said aloud to no one in particular.

And with that, the lights came on, and we were standing before a number of tables, each with the remains of human beings on them, but each also with a human brain connected to various wires that led to laptops on side tables. In here, too, the computers seemed very dated and worn.

It was at this point that I became entirely overwhelmed by fear. Up until then, my experience had been strange, but more confusing than anything. Now I just saw myself as a test subject for these hooded strangers, whose faces I had yet to see, couldn’t help but imagine them operating on me and taking me apart. It became a surreal nightmare.

Before I could say anything, the man finally began explaining things.

“We have computer experts who are able to access the lottery systems. The numbers chosen are not random, as you’ve doubtless been led to believe. They are picked carefully, and the MUSL targets certain individuals, certain groups, and tracks their behaviors before and during their purchase of the winning tickets and subsequent wins. We believe you have been tracked, and we believe that if you would have waited until the numbers were drawn and later claimed your winnings, that shortly thereafter you would have been taken by them. We had our people put the message on the ticket, just as we have with previous winners, but as I said, you were the first to see it.”

My obvious question was, “why wouldn’t you do something other than put a message that no one thinks to look for and no one can really see?” But I figured they had their reasons, and besides, I was too frozen in fear to say anything.

“These pieces here…” he said as he walked further into the room, gesturing at the nearby remains, “these are what they’ve left behind. They complete their research and move the victims’ possessions, and what’s left of them, into a clandestine storage facility, which we were fortunately able to gain access to. You’re lucky we got to you before they did.”

The man in the red suit and white cloak, hood still over his head, obscuring his face in shadow, stood under the single light in the room and asked if I would join them. I still couldn’t say anything, but I suddenly felt like someone was behind me. I took a quick glance over my shoulder and two more people in black suits and hooded cloaks stood in the hallway, their hands behind their back, standing at attention.

“I….” I began, unsure of what to say. “What do you want me for?”

“We need you,” the two people behind me said in unison, seemingly a male and a female.

“Okay…what do you need me for?” I asked.

“We need to know what they know,” the man in the red suit said. “These discarded remains have been helpful, to be sure, but we need to do what they’re doing, get the information they’re getting. We want to monitor you as you claim your winnings, and you could perhaps even lead us to where they do…what they do.”

They wanted me to be bait, basically. I responded that I wasn’t sure, and the change in their mood was palpable.

“You are in a unique position. You could save lives!” the man in the red suit began yelling. “YOU CAN HELP THE WORLD, AND YOU AREN’T SURE?!”

Just as I was going to try to turn around and make an attempt at an escape, someone else brushed past me, also wearing a black cloak. They approached the man in the red suit and whispered something in his ear, then lowered their head, turned around, and exited the way they had come; I noticed that beneath their cloak they were wearing a lab coat. As soon as they had taken their leave, the mood changed yet again, and the feeling was so… odd.

“Of course, we can’t force you to do anything, young man,” he said in a calmer tone than he’d even started with. “You have your
ticket, and you may choose to do with it what you wish. Please, allow us to escort you out.”

I didn’t even have a chance to comprehend what was happening before I found myself being led down the corridors, past the operating room, past the large area, through the door with the palm-scanning pad, down the original hallway, and up the stairs. As I exited the bunker, I found that all of the people that I’d seen in there had followed, and then some. Once we were all outside, all of them with their hoods up, faces still hidden, the man in the red suit walked up to me, his head down.

“If I were you, I would tear up that ticket. Make no mistake, the winning numbers are on it, but what will follow, should you choose to make your claim, isn’t worth any amount of money, this I guarantee.”

I said nothing in reply, and instead turned around and sprinted back to my vehicle. I got in, pulled a quick U-turn and sped away from there as fast as my car would take me. I looked in my rearview as I sped down the dirt road and saw a giant plume of smoke rising from where the bunker had been.

I made it home, still more confused than anything. The night they drew the winning numbers, I found that I do indeed possess a winning ticket, and that I had correctly chosen all five numbers, plus the Mega Ball and the Megaplier. At first I couldn’t believe my eyes, and was hesitant to claim my winnings. But then something clicked in me. At the same time, I felt the urge to write this, to let the world know of what is ostensibly going on. But it sounds ridiculous, right? *That’s because it is!*

I am going to be a billionaire, and there is nothing I need to worry about. I was born lucky, I suppose. I can feel it running through my veins, it’s an odd sensation. I really am just a very lucky person. Right?


CREDIT : The Dead Canary

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House of Evil | Haunted, Paranormal, Supernatural

by cnkguy
House of Evil | Haunted, Paranormal, Supernatural

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, Real Ghost Stories

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The Village

by cnkguy
The Village

the villageReading Time: 18 minutes

To whom it may concern, my name is Michael Dean Fox. I’m writing this as a step by step reenactment of the cold winter night I had spent in the back country of East Tennessee. Some of the things I am about to tell you are not going to sound logical, nor are they going to be easy to believe. I only ask that you try your best to bear with me as I walk you through every second of my… Adventure.

My journey began February 6, 2018. I’m a Police Officer here in, well, I’ll leave the town names out so no one tries to retrace my steps. I will say that it is one of the smallest and most peaceful towns in East Tennessee. I was pushing through the last couple of hours of my shift late one Thursday night and made the decision that I would be going on a long hike and find a secluded place to camp in the deep woods over my weekend. I wasn’t having the best of times that week, mostly due to some people quitting their jobs in the department, so me along with the other four patrol officers here had to pick up their duties. Overtime is overtime, yes. But not getting enough sleep and dealing with the idiots of rural America can wear down on even the strongest minds.

I woke up Friday morning around 6:15, then started the Keurig brew as I walked to the bathroom. I grabbed my mug then went down in to my basement to dig out all of my hiking and camping gear from the dry tubs. The first thing I grabbed was my Osprey Aether AG 70 hiking pack. The thing is huge, but super light and it carried everything I needed, except for my ALPS Mountaineering Tasmanian 3 tent, which clips onto the bottom of the pack. I attached the tent to my pack then grabbed out my Keen hiking shoes along with the pack essentials, such as my NEMO Disco 30 sleeping bag, mini boiling pot for hot water, a pack of 20 Safety Chem Glow Sticks, TacMed Patrol Trauma Response medkit, two Duracell head lamps, spare batteries of course, water purification tablets, Nalgene 1 quart water bottle, and my rechargeable phone charger.

After I got everything I needed from the basement, I brought it all up to the living room then sat it all down on the love seat. I went in to the bedroom to grab spare clothes for the next day and an extra patrol beanie in case something happened to my main one. I went back out the living room and began neatly putting everything in to my pack, then my phone rang. It was my coworker and good friend Alan, he was calling to warn me about a cold spell that was soon to fall starting later that afternoon. I questioned whether or not I should go, but he only said that it was my decision. I thanked him then got off the phone and proceeded to pack. I grabbed six MRE pouches out of the kitchen then stuffed them in to my pack along with a couple of Snickers bars for a little treat. I grabbed four Hot Pockets out of the freezer, then heated them up and ate them as fast as possible so I didn’t waste any more time. By the time I was done packing everything, it was 7:10. I got in the shower and washed with a deodorizing soap so predators couldn’t pick up my scent so easily. So, if you can’t tell already, I’m a huge hiking nerd. I do not buy the cheap stuff when it comes to my gear and essentials. I only buy the best of the best for my safety.

I got out of my shower, put my toiletries in my pack then went to the bedroom and got dressed. If you must know, I wore black Patagonia Quandary Pants, a heather gray The North Face fleece hoodie, a black Marmot Phoenix Jacket and a light gray Patagonia Fisherman’s Fold beanie. I know it’s a lot of detail, but I want all of you to truly feel everything I felt the whole way and prove that I vividly remember the finest details of the worst day of my life.

I brought all of my things in to the garage and sat everything on the tailgate of my Dodge. I went over all of it to make sure I had it all. I opened my gun safe and brought out my SIG P320 carry pistol and my OWB carry holster. I always keep a full magazine in my handguns, so I figured I’d bring a box of 30 rounds just in case I decided to have some fun. I got all strapped up then loaded my pack in the back seat of the truck and set off onward to the middle of nowhere.

The vibe outside and the drive to the trail head was a little scary. It’s hard to explain the feeling I had driving in the dark, but it’s almost as if someone were in the back seat staring at me intently. I’m a 6’3″ 230 lbs man who doesn’t get scared very easily, but I was freaked out. It was 7:45 in the morning on a Friday and I only drove past one other truck. Normally the traffic would be semi heavy this time around, but it seemed like either everyone left the town or they were all inside their homes still asleep. I turned on my stereo and connected my phone to listen to some of my metal to try and amp me up, but for some reason it just made my anxiety increase ten fold. I had just passed the last traffic light of the town and heading into the well lit tunnel. Not three seconds after I entered the tunnel I had to immediately slam my brakes, thanks to the dumbass dog that ran in front of me out of nowhere. I’m not messing around, this dog came out of nowhere. The tunnel has a two way road running through the entirety of it and has solid concrete walls on both sides not five feet away from the road, so if the dog had been on the side of the road, I would have seen it. It was almost as if the thing had ran out of the wall and straight in front of my truck. It happened so fast and my adrenaline spiked through the roof when I initially saw the dog, so I didn’t feel or hear anything when I hit it. At least, that’s what I thought. I pulled off to the side of the road to see the damage, but to my surprise there wasn’t anything on the ground behind the truck, nor was there any signs of damage to the front end of my truck. I looked down both ends of the tunnel and didn’t see any silhouette of anything, just the entrance and exit of the tunnel. I was completely freaked out, nothing had ever happened to me like that in my life up to that point. I never believed in the paranormal until then.

I got back in to my truck and proceeded on out of the tunnel. I wasn’t going to let that incident ruin my whole weekend, so I stayed strong and continued toward the trail head. Don’t get me wrong, I was terrified. Nothing special happened the rest of the way to the parking lot, and I didn’t pass another vehicle at all. I knew something wasn’t right, but I’m not god and I don’t control the world, I just worry about me. The parking lot was desolate. It was still dark out, but the dim orange lights were on in the parking lot and I could see the pitch black opening between the trees, which was the trail head. I pulled up on the right side of the trail head and shut off the truck. I sat there for at least a minute just staring in to the pitch black opening.

The silence was unreal, all I could hear were the different tones of ringing in my own head. I looked down at the temperature gauge and it read twenty two degrees. I sighed a bit, then stepped out of the truck and let out a good yawn and big stretch towards the sky, then grabbed my jacket out of the passenger seat. I got the bag out and set it on the tailgate so I could grab a headlamp out, but as soon as I put the lamp over my beanie, I heard what sounded like a sneeze. I couldn’t tell who or what it came from, if it even was a sneeze, but it had that distinct “Kuh-hishh” sound of a sneeze. I stopped dead in my tracks and scanned the parking lot, but I couldn’t see anything. Being a police officer of 13 years, I know when I’m being watched by someone evil, and that’s exactly how I felt at that moment. I ignored it and turned my lamp on, put my pack on then headed towards the trail. I turned around one more time to look at the parking lot, but saw no one. I dismissed the whole thing as a possible critter in the woods somewhere and pressed on up the trail.

I walked for about twenty minutes until the sun had finally began to rise above the mountain. I was able to see the frost shining off of everything. It was beautiful. The morning birds were doing their routine songs and I felt safer knowing that there’s still some life around me. I got to a mini bridge going over a small creek about three miles up the trail. I stopped and took a break and had some water, then I heard that sneeze noise again. This time, it sounded like it was a short ways down the trail where I just came from. My heart began to beat faster and faster. For some reason, the dog popped in my head and I started to think that maybe it followed me all the way here, but that’s not possible. I drove 80 mph the whole way there because there wasn’t any traffic. I got tired of myself being so worried, so I said “Hey, is someone down there?” but I didn’t get a reply. I felt weird, but I knew I could handle my own, so I walked further up the trail. I came to a fork in the trail, and one of the trails had looked like people went down it everyday and the other one had tall yellow grass covering the ground to where you could barely tell it was a trail at all. I knew I wanted to be left alone by other people, so I went up the grassy trail.
The trail was so over grown that I wasn’t aware of the frozen puddles of water under my feet, and I learned about them the hard way. My left leg slipped off the edge of the trail towards the steep drop down into the gully. Out of instinct I reached for the nearest thing to grab onto so I didn’t fall but the only thing I could grab was the jagged icy edge of the boardwalk which then ripped my index finger wide open. I rolled down into the gully and landed flat on my stomach. I physically wasn’t able to sit up for about ten seconds. I must have knocked my self out, but I was still able to see the ground my face was laying on. I sat up and immediately looked at my finger, and that’s when the pain set in. I took my pack off and grabbed the Trauma Kit. I cleaned the wound with alcohol the wrapped the hell out of it with gauze and medical tape. I was pissed off at this point and yelled “FUCK!” off the top of my lungs. After I did so, I saw movement out of the corner of my eye and looked up the trail to see nothing there. I put the medkit back into my pack the threw it on my back and marched up the slope to get back on the trail. I didn’t realize it until I got back up onto the trail, but the tall grass was gone. There weren’t any ice patches on the trail either, just gravel and dirt. I was confused for a minute, and I thought that I stumbled down next to a different trail, but there was a trail marker that I remember seeing before I fell, and it was just a couple feet away from me at that point. I was confused, but I pressed on a bit more up the trail. I got to the top of the steep part of the trail, and to my surprise I saw a big open lake. I never knew there was a lake up in this part of the mountain, but there it was. It was clear as could be, I remember the elegant blue tint it had to it with the occasional ice pads on top, but the whole area was dead silent. No wind, no birds, just silence. There was no trail on either side of the lake, the trail I was on ended right under my feet. I scanned the area a bit more, then above the tree line on my right side I could see what looked like a large cross in the distance. It’s something I never expected to see in the middle of nowhere, let alone in the woods.

I proceeded towards the tree line, and as I got about six steps towards it, I heard the “Kuh-hishhh” sound directly behind me. I felt my knees slightly give out from fear, but got my bearings straight and turned around to see something pale in the edge of the lake. I slowly walked towards it while looking all around me to see if I can’t find what made that noise, but then a smell hit me. I felt my throat get tight and my gut feel heavy, then as I got to the water I realized that the pale thing I was looking at was the head of a woman. I couldn’t even move, I didn’t make a sound, I just stared at it. The left side of it was exposed out of the water and had no flesh or meat on it, just pale white skull. The top of her head had short white hair with tones of dark red. I didn’t want to touch the head to see what the other side looked like. I just turned around and vomited from the smell. I wiped my mouth off with my hand, then I heard a blood curdling scream come from the same direction I saw the cross. I began to sprint through the trees towards the cross. I got to the other side of the tree line to see a large field. On the other side of the field was a big church with a wooden cross on the top of it. I jogged towards the church and began to yell “Hello?! Are you okay?! Hello?!” but I never got a response. Half way through the field I tripped over something hard. I sat up to see that I had tripped over the skull of a large goat. My first thought was maybe there are people who live up here and maybe have a small farm. I got up and ran to the church. There was a wooden fence about four feet tall around the perimeter, and I hopped over it. The wood of the church looked almost ancient and looked rotted. It had obviously been up there for a very long time. I yelled one more time ” Hello?!” and got nothing.

I leaned against the fence to look at my knee. I had smashed it pretty hard tripping over the skull, but before I could get my pant leg up, I could faintly hear chanting of some sort coming from inside the chruch. My heart stopped. I stood there dead silent. I couldn’t tell what they were saying, but it sounded like Latin or maybe Spanish, but all I could hear was “Esta-shun-eet-mock.” They repeated this over and over, and it sounded like there was a lot of people in there. I looked in between the logs of the church walls to peak inside, but there was no one in there. No lights, no nothing. Just old benches and light beaming in through the cracks in the walls. The chanting stopped as I looked in the building. Everything fell silent again.

As I stared in to the church, I saw something black out of the corner of my right eye. I whipped my head over to see what looked like the bottom of a robe passing the corner of the building. I ran over to peak around the corner, but saw no one. There were carvings on the front of the church. They looked like pentagrams with some sort of skull in the middle. I knew right away that I was in a very bad place. I caught the same thing out of the corner of my eye, and saw whatever it was pass behind the other side of the building. I asked “Who are you? My name’s Officer Fox, come out and talk to me.” I got to the corner of the building then hear a whirling noise behind me followed by a hatchet flying past my head. I turned around to see two men in black robes walking towards me, both of them holding what looked like makeshift knives made of rusty metal. I pulled my Sig from its holster then put my laser on the man on the left. I yelled ” Drop your weapons, or I will use lethal force!” They kept walking towards me, about 50 yards away. The man on the left throws his knife at me, and I thankfully dodged it jumping to my right. I stood up and yelled “Last chance, drop the fucking weapon!” They both began to run towards me. I put a round through the head of the man of the right. The man on the left stopped and and stared at the lifeless man on on ground, then he looked towards the church and yelled what sounded like “Mah-trah-kay-low!” I then heard the chanting I heard before, only this time it was loud. The man looked at me, and as he locked eyes with me, men and women in robes walked out of the church chanting loudly. None of them had weapons, but they were all tall. Very tall, somewhere around nine to ten feet tall. The man turned around and disappeared into the mob of giants. I began walking backwards in shock not knowing what to do. A woman or freakishly tall thing in front of the mob let out a blood curdling scream that rattled my ears, then I raised my gun up and shot her in the leg. She fell to her knees and let out a whimper, then they all stopped and stared at me. All of their faces had been mutilated in some way. Some of the men didn’t even have eyes, but they still stared directly at me. At this point, my adrenaline was so high, I could feel my heart beating in my arms and feet. The woman gets back on here feet then points behind me and repeats “Mah-trah-kay-low” quietly under her breath, and at that exact moment I heard and felt a huff of breath on my neck. I turned around to see what looked like a ten foot tall man with no jaw staring at me. His tongue hang limp out of his mouth as he breathed raspy. He let out what sounded like a slight giggle followed by that “Kah-hishh” noise I’ve been hearing then he grabbed me by my back pack straps and slammed me on to the ground. The people in robes started cheering as the thing started yelling towards the sky and beating his chest with its right hand. He looked down at me and glared. I tried to yell “Stop!” but I still had the wind knocked out of me and my chest hurt to bad. I unbuckled my pack and slid it off of me. The thing raised his right foot up over me and started yelling. I rolled away from him as he stomped his foot on the ground. It let out an angered cry then the people started yelling angrily. I got up and ran down a brick path away from the church. I could hear the jaw less things heavy footsteps follow close behind me and the peoples yelling got more feral sounding and almost guttural. I ran between these two lit fire torches, one on each side of the path and all of the screaming stopped and I couldn’t hear the thing’s footsteps. I turned around to see all of them standing on the other side of the torches. I stood there panting and trying to catch my breath. An old and weathered looking man in front of the crowd stared at me and spoke in both Spanish and English “Casa de diablo, you’re his now.”

They all slowly turned around and began walking back up the brick path, not making a sound. I look all around me to see where I’m at. There was a small shed to my right, a collapsed barn directly down the brick path and what looked like an old cabin next to the barn. I lean down and put my hands on my knees to try to think of how I can get myself out of there. I say under my breath ” My fucking pack.. Everything I need to survive is in that pack.” I realized I needed to go back up there to get my pack, but it wouldn’t be easy if those things were still up there in that church. I stood up and turned around towards the path to the church to see a black dog standing in between the two torches. I immediately recognized the dog as the one that ran in front of my truck that morning. The dog let out a low growl as the skin on its face became very loose, almost like it was melting. The low growl turned in to a loud half yelp half roar. Almost like a lions roar, or some sort of big cat. I turned around and began sprinting towards the cabin next to the barn. The dog was snarling shortly behind me. The door to the cabin was wide open, so I ran inside and immediately slammed the door. I leaned against the door waiting for the dog to try and push it open, but there wasn’t a sound coming from outside. I stood there catching my breath as a sour meat odor filled my nose. I felt my throat tighten up again and I didn’t feel to good. I heard what sounded like a hungry stomach gurgling somewhere in the back of the cabin, but it was loud. I hesitantly looked to my left to watch a creature slowly stand up from the ground. There was little to no light in the cabin, just the light from outside shining through the cracks of the walls. I could make out the shape of a tall but skinny figure in the main room across from me. It then made a licking noise like a dog licking peanut butter from the roof of it’s mouth. It then screamed a brutal guttural yell mixed with a woman in pure agony then ran towards me. When it exposed itself in the light, I was able to see that it was in fact tall, but it had the head of a black goat and the legs of a horse but they were bent backwards and skinnier. I went to draw my gun but the thing was to fast. It rammed its head directly in to my chest and tossed me six feet in to a wall. My gun fell and slid a good four feet away from me, so I rolled towards it but the creature managed to stomp on my left hand. I screamed from the pain and curled into a ball as the thing continues to scream and stomp all around me. I look up to see it staring towards the roof with its tongue hanging out of its mouth and drooling. I leapt to my feet and snagged the gun off the ground and pinned the laser on to the back of its head. My adrenaline was so high that my hands were shaking badly, so when I went to pull the trigger I shot his left horn off, It whipped its head at me and let out one of its screams then dipped its head down to ram me again. I jumped out of its way and landed on my side with my laser aimed directly at its neck. I pull the trigger and watched the thing fall flat on the ground. Its breathing was rabid and the noise it made with every breath sounded like gurgling because of the blood. It flopped on the ground like a fish out of water as I ran out of the cabin. I sprint out in to the open and look for an escape route. The giant people were walking down the path from the church chanting loudly, and the dog was nowhere to be seen. I looked back in the cabin to see the goat thing still gurgling but trying to stand up. As I’m looking at the cabin, I see there’s a trail leading behind it. I ran down that trail and at the end of it I could see two more torches and a path going into a cave.

The trail was long and a cave was the last place I wanted to go, but it was my only option. As I’m sprinting down the path, I realize that there are spiked posts all along it that have different versions of the pentagram, decapitated heads of young females and various organs strung out.
I run in to the cave and only got about ten feet in before I realized that I don’t have any sort of light whatsoever on me, and the cave is pitch black. The giant people knew I was in there and that I was trapped. They rolled a boulder in front of the entrance, leaving me in absolute darkness and all alone. I dropped to my knees then on to my ass and began to cry. Not sobbing, but crying. Knowing that this was how I was going to die. I started hearing the echo of something breathing heavy coming from further down the cave. It sounded like what ever it was had completely run out of breath. The echos became louder and louder with every second, then I began to feel vibrations on the ground from these loud thuds. The loud thuds hitting the ground almost sounded like horse hooves, but heavier if that makes sense, and there was more than one set. Almost like warriors marching in to battle. The echoes turned into the same guttural screams that the creature in the cabin made, but they were coming from every direction. The noises finally reached every side of me, then my feet got pulled out from under me. I feel hooves bounce off of every inch of my body. I hear my own bones cracking over all the other noise in the cave. I feel the flesh of my stomach get ripped open by the fingers of whatever those creatures were. They pried my rib cage open and plucked my organs out and dropped them on my face piece after piece. I lay there in complete agony as these things literally tear me apart. I hear one of the things let out a nasty gurgling scream, then stomp on my head. I felt my skull crush beneath the weight of the thing, then I felt nothing. I heard nothing. I felt absolutely nothing at all. Almost as if I had been asleep.

I suddenly was able to open my eyes. All I could see was a bright blurry light. Then my vision came back, and I saw that I was laying face down on the ground. I wasn’t able to move, but I could tell I wasn’t in the cave anymore. I had finally gained mobility, so I painfully picked my self up and looked around. I was in the gully. The gully I fell down into the beginning of my trip. I looked down at my hand, and my finger wasn’t ripped open. I felt my shoulders to feel my backpack straps still there, I felt my head to make sure I wasn’t bleeding, but I was completely fine. I only had a headache. I began to cry as I climbed up the slope to get back to the trail, thinking that I am in a never ending loop of visiting hell, but when I got to the trail, the tall dead yellow grass was still covering the trail. I could see the patted down grass from where I fell and rolled down the slope. I began to cry harder as I got back to the main trail. Joggers and people walking their dogs passed by as they gave me weird looks. No one said anything, but they stared in fear or shock. I couldn’t look anybody in the eye, I just stared straight ahead of me and went back to my truck. I put my pack in the backseat then began to head home. Traffic was back to normal and people were out and about living normal lives.

I got home and brought my pack down to the basement and just tossed it on the floor then walked back upstairs like a zombie. I sat down on the couch and pulled my phone out to see it was dead. I sighed and set in down on the coffee table. I turned the tv on and switched the channel to Fox News. I nearly fainted. It was Friday February 14. Exactly one week after I went on my camping trip. I had been gone for a week, but all I could remember was that night I spent in that god forsaken village. Who was that cult? What were those things I saw? Was everything that happened to me that night all the work of the devil? Did I really just dream it all and slept through an entire week in the freezing cold? I don’t know. I will never know, and the world will never understand the things I went through.

Michael Dean Fox
February 22, 2018




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Ghost Photo: McPike Mansion Spirits

by cnkguy
Ghost Photo: McPike Mansion Spirits

The ghostly faces in this photo are peering down from the historic McPike Mansion in Alton, Illinois. According to local legend, a host of spirits haunt the 149-year-old mansion, including the McPike family and their servants. Ghost Lab investigated the property in 2009 and recorded a chilling EVP. What do you think of the image?

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Evil Lurks | Haunted, Paranormal, Supernatural

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Evil Lurks | Haunted, Paranormal, Supernatural

Real, haunting encounters told by the people who lived through them.

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