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Australian Poltergeist throws Knives

Australian Poltergeist throws Knives

Humpty Doo house writing

Australian Poltergeist throws Knives

In what has been described as the most significant haunting in Australian history, “The Humpty Doo Home’, new details has been published in a book.

In 1998 a poltergeist terrorised a home for four months by hurling stones and knives at the people who lived there.

Tony Healy and Paul Cropper spent several days at the Humpty Doo house in Australia’s Northern Territory when the poltergeist was active back in 1998.

The two have just now published details of their encounter in Australian Poltergeist: The Stone-throwing Spook of Humpty Doo and Many Other Cases.

Humpty Doo house  Australia

The story begins at the McMinns Drive property in January 1998 when the poltergeist started dropping pebbles from the ceiling onto the floor, tables, beds and even peoples heads.

The residents Andrew and Kirsty Agius, Dave Clark, his partner Jill Summerville and their friend Doug Murphy saw knives, small batteries, shards of broken glass and other objects being dropped or hurled across rooms in the house.

They called in two Catholic priests and one Greek Orthodox priest to try and exorcise the spirit, but all attempts failed, and one priest even reported seeing a crucifix being thrown across the room.

Mr Healy told Daily Mail Australia, “Whatever these things are they can run rings around us. My guess is some of the cases involve spirits of recently deceased people.”

Humpty Doo house  knives

Next house residents saw words and symbols being drawn on the walls and floor in marker pens, scrabble tiles and even pebbles.

The first words that appeared in the house were FIRE, SKIN, CAR, HELP and TROY, which was believed to refer to their friend Troy Raddatz who was burned alive in a car accident just a few kilometres from their house before the first sign of the ghost appeared.

In the following days the poltergeist stepped up the level of vandalism, causing damage including throwing a CD player to the floor plus windows and glass cabinet doors were smashed by ashtrays and other flying objects.

Healy and Cropper spent five days and nights at the property in April 1998, with Healy saying, “We don’t know of anyone who visited the house and left sceptical. The poltergeist was pretty obliging by turning it on”.

“I saw an object materialise in mid-air. I was chatting to a lady and she was sitting across a wooden table across from me. She was reading a newspaper article with both her hands in plain sight.”

“There were other instances where knives, bullets… whizzed past our heads. Showering of stones also happened three times while we were there.”

“The messages on the floor and walls had a malicious flavour to them, but the thing is if it really wanted to hurt me… it could have embedded the knife in my back rather than hurl it past.”

After four months, the poltergeist left as suddenly as it arrived, and its departure is still unexplained.

Australian Poltergeist will be available in March. For more details, visit



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Australian Poltergeist throws Knives

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