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Are You My Sister?

thisisryan-ross-blog submitted:

This happened to me three years ago while I was living with my mom in an old house located in the small town of Dixon, California.

I was about 11 years old at the time when we moved into the house and it was pretty normal at first, until the first night. I shared a bed with my little sister, Lillian, everyone in the house was sound asleep, except for me. I had mild insomnia at the time, so I would often lie awake, either staring at a wall or the ceiling.

I was just about to try and doze off to sleep when I heard the footsteps, creaking on the floorboard. They sounded as if they were further off down the hall, so I thought it was my mom. They got closer and closer, the closer they got the more my ear acted up. You know how when you walk into a room and the T.V’s on, and you feel a tingly static sensation in your ear? That’s what I felt.

I soon felt a sense of dread, as the footsteps got closer, the I heard a giggling right in the doorway of my bedroom. I honestly don’t know how I got to sleep that night. When I woke up in the morning, no one confirmed that they heard footsteps.

6 or 7 nights later, I was asleep in my bed when I felt a poking in my side. I opened my eyes and saw my little sister standing over me. I asked her what’s wrong and she didn’t respond, so I asked her again, still no answer. I reached out to touch her and she was ice cold.

I told her to come back to bed, and as I was transitioning I felt the warm body of my little sister right next to me asleep. I instantly broke out into a cold sweet as I turned over and watched as whatever was pretending to be my little sister run towards the hallway only to stand in the doorway and giggle at me.

We moved out of the house shortly after, I will never forget the nights I spent there. I know it wasn’t a dream, I’ve had ghostly experiences all my life. I don’t know what was pretending to be my little sister, but it still frightens to this day.

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by cnkguy
Are You My Sister?

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