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Are Ouija boards real ghost hunting tools?

Are Ouija boards real ghost hunting tools?:

From pendulums, to tarot cards, to automatic writing an seances, talking-boards can also be used to contact the non-physical realm.  How effective a Ouija board is for contacting spirits relies heavily on the user, intent, location and so on.   A practiced person will have much more success than someone that picks one up from the store and gives it a go.

Like any other tool, if misused Ouija boards can be dangerous.  The basic premise of a Ouija board is that you are to some extent channeling a spirit through you to get your answers. Invariably this means spiritually opening yourself up to some extent. This means that entities that are malevolent can take advantage of that.

Full article by ParaRational available here.

Source: Equinox Paranormal

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Are Ouija boards real ghost hunting tools?

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