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April 2020 #5 & #6

(H doesn’t speak, just sits and stares dejectedly: at me, at nothing, at his hands. After about five minutes I decide to speak, my voice neutral.)

Me: You struck me. Do you recall?

H: (on the edge of hearing) …yes.

Me: I have never known you to do such a thing – I didn’t think it was in your character. So why?

H: (Miserably) Aaa… I have never had as much to lose as I have in you. Aaa my action was unforgivable. I – it came from… fear of losing what I have. Aaaa… I can barely face myself in the glass to shave… I should never have struck you. But I would again if it kept you safe. … I don’t know what sort of monster that makes me…

Me: (sighing, annoyed) Not a very monstrous one, all in all. I’d probably hit someone too if I panicked when I thought they might do something that would kill them and my petty violence would save them. … But you need to have more faith in me.

H: I am sorry, darlin’.


Me: H…? Are you well?

H: Are you?

Me: Pretty sure I still just have a shitty cold and not a death virus.

H: ……… you terrify me.

Me: How the hell?

H: Aaaaa so little concern for your own skin.

Me: If I die I’ll end up I the Stormlands – why should I be bothered by that?

H: Those you leave behind…

Me: Everyone leaves at least one person behind – there’s no escaping that.

H:  aaa… … Dying hurts. Don’t – don’t chase it…

Me: I’m not, I promise. Either I have a rubbish cold or COVID19. I either cough pathetically for a week or two or I wash up on the Distant Shore. Hopefully on your doorstep…

H: Aaaaa – no… darlin’…

Me: Would it be so terrible if I did?

H: No!

Me: So?

H: I want – aaa – I – aa – I want to protect you. Even if I can never hold you in my arms.

Source: Tales of Necromancy

by cnkguy
April 2020 #5 & #6

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