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April 2020 #3 & #4

(H and I exchanged the usual greetings and familiarities. In the previous conversation I had told him about Covid19 and how it had moved from a concern to a pandemic to a lockdown. Which isn’t the best sequence of events given that a concern to a lockdown may well have stopped a pandemic, but I digress.)

H: Are you well? Are there many sick where you reside?

Me: No. Being on a small tropical island really helps with enforced isolation. Hate to think how it would be if I was in London right now.

H: So long as you’re safe…

Me: I thought it would be funny – poetic justice really – if I caught it. I’ve always wanted TB. This is the modern equivalent. Grey days tinged red…

H: NO.

Me: Pretty sure I don’t have it and you still won’t give me TB so my lungs are safe, it’s okay. Are your family well?

H: …Yes, thank you.

Me: What have they been up to?

H: Their usual activities; letters, reading, music – riding too. … And you?

Me: Mostly reading. I can’t seem to think or write – it’s infuriating.

H: Give it time.


H: (coughing fit that the board translates as ever as a loop of A’s.) Aaaaaaa -girl?

Me: I’m here.

H: …thank God.

Me: What’s wrong?

H: The waters are rising…

(H means the waters of Oblivion are encroaching upon the Stormlands seeking to drown him and everyone there. This is neither normal nor good.)

Me: Ohhh fucking shitbiscuits…

H: You know? (Very agitated, lights a cigarette) You know why? (Starts to say something else but the words are resolved in coughing.) If you know…

Me: I told you – it’s an influenza pandemic. We’re all in quarantine as much as we can be so as not to infect anyone else. The whole world is trying to stay at home.

H: (looks unhappy and smokes his cigarette whilst staring at me for a while.) … I have a question.

Me: Mm?

H: (darkly) You’re coughing.

Me: (rolling my eyes) I haven’t gone outside or touched anyone or anything – I also wash my hands! It’s just some stupid cold.

H: Girl…

Me: It’s incredibly unlikely I have the disease that’s killing people right now and it I do I’d call that bastard ironic considering how I’ve always wanted TB.

H: Aaaaa – Don’t… you have a life!

Me: And I think you’d do a better job at it – wanna swap?

H: Aaa – NO – dear christ – aaaaa…

Me: (contrite) I’m sorry. … Are you alright?

H: No.

Me: … What’s wrong?

H: … You’re ill.

Me: (coughing pathetically and then shrugging) Yeah, but not properly ILL? I mean, if I’m that ill then I guess I’ll see you soon. I’ll miss some people and my cats, but I’d be a lot less stressed…

H: (is furious, storming around the room until he finally pitches up against me and claps his hands to either shoulder) I gave you TIME!

Me: (I don’t think I’ve ever seen him this angry. I understand why others have been scared of him. I would be too if I didn’t know him better.) Time for what?

H: FOR TELLING ME! (His anger is incandescent – lightning bright – a physical storm all around him, and like a thunderclap he slaps me across the face, which severs the connection.) 

Source: Tales of Necromancy

by cnkguy
April 2020 #3 & #4

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