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April 2019 #627

H: Darlin’, you’re in time – I’ve coffee and biscuits.

Me: Coffee would be lovely thank you.

H: You don’t trust my hearth skills?

Me: No it’s not that. I’m trying not to eat as I cracked a tooth.

H: (coughing) Painful?

Me: Thankfully not, but I still need to get it fixed.

H: Make sure you find a reputable dentist.

Me: I will. How was yesterday?

H: (handing me coffee) Here. I finished the piece. I am not satisfied with it however. I entertained the kits. It rained and they preferred to make mischief indoors. (coughing) Are you recovered?

Me: From the shock of Monday? Yes, thank you. What will you do today?

H: I’ve not decided. A walk if the rain holds off. (coughing) You?

Me: Editing my 18thC novel. And trying to work out why it doesn’t feel 18thC enough.

H: I thought you liked that time?

Me: I do. I know what they ate and wore, I know about syphilis and tinder boxers – I don’t know why it doesn’t feel right to me.

H: It will come with work.

Me: I hope so. D’you mind if I make more coffee?

H: No. You need more sleep.

Me: Yeah, I do. And tomorrow Kal is on the mountain so the day will start ebven earlier.

H: You may sleep on the sofa if you wish.

Me: You have no idea how tempting that is. But I should start my day. Figure out how to fix the 18thC.

H: (coughing) Very well.

Me: Love you H.

H: Love you girl.

Source: Tales of Necromancy

by cnkguy
April 2019 #627

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