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Annabelle Comes Home Review

This is a spoiler-free review (Above the Read More Line that hopefully doesn’t disappear)

1. Supernatural or psychological or metaphorical in someway? Supernatural of course. While I’m a fan of cerebral horror as much as the next guy, there’s always something comforting about a horror movie that means absolutely nothing.

2. How scary was it? Pretty scary actually. There were some really good sequences, although maybe not as scary as Annabelle: Creation 7.4/10

3. Jump scares or nah? You know it.

4. Is there blood and gore? Just a touch of blood.

5. On a scale of 1 – 10 (10 being Alien: Covenant), how dumb were the characters? Well, well well, I think we may have found the dumbest character in the Conjuring Universe in Daniela. There are contenders in each and every movie but man oh man did this girl ever fuck up. She breaks into a do-not-enter-type room, fully believing in the paranormal, and touches literally everything there is to touch. She also lets a cake burn while on this dumb ass-capade. She’s more or less balanced out by the little girl Judy, who does some pretty clever things here and there. All in all, maybe about a 6.5/10

6. Does that story make logical sense if you think about it too long? I mean, maybe.

This is a kind of cute horror movie. It feels like a throwback with all the foggy haunted place imagery. It’s more or less what you come to expect from these movies, which I am definitely fine with because reliable horror is difficult to come by. They do keep their scares fresh and inventive and this movie is no exception. (There is one particularly lovely sequence involving the night light.)

This particular entry into the Conjuring Universe feels kind of like a frenzy of horror, there are several different monsters, each with their own backstory, each with their own defined aesthetic. It feels like they are battling each other for spin offs.

Overall, this movie knows what it is. It doesn’t set the world on fire with its original storytelling (the story is pretty basic, even when compared with the other Conjuring movies), but it’s going to give you a happy two hours (ish). Compared to the other Annabelle movies, I’d say it’s superior to the first but I’d rate it slightly lower than Annabelle: Creation, which was darker, leaner, and meaner.


Spoiler-y thoughts below.

The Ferryman is gunning for that first spin-off.

I really was touched that Bob cared enough for the chicken to try to tell it stay in the coop.

Judy’s got dealing with ghosts down to a stop drop and roll.

Patrick Wilson is a warm presence.

“It’s not your fault your father died [but if anyone else dies because of a ghost or a demon that is 100% on you]”

That piano scene was good.

The way the shadow in the different lights grew was kind of Guillermo del Toro-esque. Fucking beautiful stuff.

I wish the Annabelle demon smiled more. I feel like it looked straight up creepier in the earlier two films.

Was that girl who said, “I’m looking for Annabelle” the daughter who died in Annabelle: Creation?

I feel like if I were in one of these movies, I would shout way quicker just so there would be more bodies between me and the demons. I would call the police even though they don’t deal with the supernatural, just so I’d be less alone.




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Annabelle Comes Home Review

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