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Animal Spirit Guides: Reflections of who We truly areAnimal…

Animal Spirit Guides: Reflections of who We truly are

Ghosts! How I love thee so! My experience with animal guides are always a
lot of fun. They give the person I’m reading for a fun visual. The
animals are always the first to appear when I do a reading too. Because
in a way I am getting a sense of who that person truly is inside. Their
true nature is reflected in what animal comes forth.

When I would do readings I would bring up how we each have
an animal ghost that walks with us. They follows just like our “main”
ghosts/guides. These animal spirits are just as important as our other
guides. And yes, everyone has one. Whether it be a giraffe, flying squirrel, a dolphin, tree frog, or a bobcat they all have purpose for your life.

animal guides overall are a reminder of your own nature and what you
feel down in your nature is who you are. It is like a piece of your
spirit in animal form. The animals in my understanding are keepers of
this Earth and belong to this Earth. Thus your animal guide is a
representation of your own spiritual Earthly nature. Does that make

For example: My animal ghost is a black wolf with large lavender eyes (it’s not that shocking if you know me haha). Note: The animals never have pupils. The art above by Brian Serway
brilliantly captures the very essence of what I see when I call an
animal guide in a reading. I was shocked when I came across this work
because it truly was like seeing a spirit animal on paper. I think he
steps through the veil when he works, don’t you?

Going back to my own animal guide. The wolf represents (and I’m
summarizing here) powerful instinct, great use of intuition. The Wolf
roams the wild with a thirst for freedom, while working within a social
environment. That’s who I am in a nut shell. My guide always says:

“Keep your feet. Though the ground shakes it will be over soon and you will be renewed”. 

when I do readings for people it is never a surprise when say a whale
named Reggie pops up for a particular person. People are usually
surprised of who comes when called, but when they think about it the
response is:

“Oh damn, yup, that makes sense with the whale because of these reasons.”

be surprised by what animal comes about. That’s why the phase “never
judge a book by it’s cover”, yeah that really does mean something. The
animals are eyes into who that person is and also what the animal can
teach that person they walk with. Such as the whale, maybe someone
believes they cannot communicate with a partner because of self doubt.
But the whale will step in and show them :

you are actually at your best when you communicate and have peaceful
strength, ect. that which will help you achieve and resolve this issue”.

in all these spiritual creatures walk with us at all times. They are a
visual grounding tool in a sense to remind you and to show you :

“this is who you are, or this is what you’re made of”.

a sense of who we are deep down is very important when making decisions
in our life, wouldn’t you agree? That is why they are here. And our
other guides are there to help show you the way and to ask questions
about a certain choice, or person or even your past, present or future.
The animal walks with you in the present and will always be a reminder
of who you are and to always stay grounded within your own nature of

Who’s your spirit animal? I’d love to know!

Source: Lonely Ghost Stories

by cnkguy
Animal Spirit Guides: Reflections of who We truly areAnimal…

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