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A Tall Boy

Anonymous submitted:

I was working my usual really late night shift at a gas station store in the central valley california (middle of nowhere). I don’t like to talk to people when they come in, I let everyone just go about their business because they are in a gas station in the middle of nowhere at the middle of the night. I used to get bad vibes from pretty much everyone when I started, but after a while I got used to it. Everyone became pretty much the same person in my eyes.

Until this one strange man came in. He was just in the store all of a sudden, at least it seemed. I didn’t hear the bell chime or anything. It was really late, maybe around 3 AM, and I just noticed him standing in a black coat, staring at the beer. And it looked like he had been there awhile and I had only just noticed him.

I just remained still, staring at him. My skin pricked. I was thinking I may have just been tired and just not noticed or thought my he was in the bathroom for a while and had just come out, but I’m pretty sharp and usually notice these things. And he felt… very out of place.

I must have been watching his back for what felt like an hour but was probably a lot shorter. And then he turned to me and I felt like I was choking. His eyes… didn’t look human and his face was very pale, looking almost melted? I only got a peek at him and then he turned back around and walked away.

I didn’t hear the door bells chime, but I looked around the store and he was not there anymore.

James: 8/10 Oof, I would have locked the doors and prayed. Thanks for sharing the scares!




by cnkguy
A Tall Boy

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