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A simple encounter

whatyouvedoneinthedark submitted:

Now I’ve dealt with my fair share of seeing and hearing spirits through out my life. For me it’s normal. One of my favorite memories of seeing s spirit/ or ghost would have to be one i saw two three years ago. I was at my friends house (for the sake of the story I’ll change their names) with Sara, Kate and Carl. Carl is Kate’s older brother and Sara and Carl are dating.It was Jasmines birthday and we were at her house playing video games.

It was around 2 am we decided to walk back to Kate and Carl’s house, since they lived down the road. We lived in a small town and bad things rarely happened there.  We walked back,talking and joking, everything was normal. Until Kate stopped in the middle of the road. We looked back at her and she refused to walk any further,saying there was an angry spirit ahead.

Now  Kate would do this from time to time. She would say she can feel or see spirits…though we knew she was lying. Sara though agreed with her,saying her third eye was hurting. Carl was the only one out of the group who couldn’t sense these things. Kate then proceeded to curl up in the road ,knees pulled to chest and shaking. Carl and Sara comforted her. I tried but i felt really sad. I don’t know why,I know I was annoyed with her but I was over came with sadness.

After a long hour of sitting there, Kate finally got up, saying the spirit was gone, and we began to walk home again. After we passed the area, I felt as though someone was calling at me. That they wanted me to stay. I looked back to see  a man standing by the side of the road.  He was tall, i couldn’t tell the clothes he was wearing and his head was down. I felt fear run through me for a moment and I turned my head away.  I looked back a few more times but he was gone.

After we got back to their house,i talked with them on what i saw. Come to find out someone has died in the house behind them. I’’m not sure how he was killed but they said the back of his head was missing when they found the body.  Kate said he’s seen him from time to time, though I don’t know how true that is.

That night when I slept,i felt at ease, I could feel he was there with us as we slept but I didn’t feel sad anymore.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Fey: 6/10 for scares and thank you for sharing!

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by cnkguy
A simple encounter

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