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A Sighting Like No Other

hallucinogenicreality submitted:

Alaska has its fair share of paranormal phenomenon considering much of it is originally Native land. When I was young, I wasn’t aware of this, but I was aware something was different about our little house. My room was secluded from the rest of the family’s rooms and separated by a looong hallway. I slept in my parent’s room each night out of fear, but doing so too often lead to me being scolded and told to sleep in my own bed. Like the average kid, I had to leave my bedroom door open and have a light on, but that never brought enough comfort. I could feel the presence of some thing in the doorway at the beginning of the long, eerie hallway, watching me. I usually laid in bed, but the fear would grow and grow, until I would muster the courage to run towards it, down the hallway, to the safety of my parents room. I would feel it at the back of the neck hunting me down the hall, as if it were death itself reaching for me.

Thankfully, we moved out of the house while I was still pretty young, and I was given a room beside my parent’s. I was ecstatic to finally have a safe haven. The first floor, however, felt worse than my old bedroom doorway had before. The air was always thick when you entered, and you knew eyes were upon you. This time, for whatever reason, felt more vicious than before. You knew you were not welcome here to the extent that the simple act of blinking your eyes could be the biggest mistake of your life. I was deathly afraid to go near, only running to and fro for laundry as if a time bomb would go off if I were down there too long. One day. upon leaving to bring my clothes back upstairs… I saw it. The thing that intimidated me all my life. I now knew it had followed me here, to where I foolishly thought I’d have a fresh start.This was no ordinary Native Alaskan ghost as friends had told me, but instead some demon-like spirit. It was large and pitch black, unlike any shadowy ghost I had seen before. It hunched over as the seven foot ceiling was too small for it, and was as wide as the hallway. It stood beside the door I needed to go through, watching, waiting, observing every move I made as if I were prey. My heart stopped. I dashed towards it through the door as I had done so often as a kid, thinking this was surely the end of my life.

It took me months to go back down there, but I still occasionally felt its presence come upstairs. Twice I’ve been told that others have seen it, which brought comfort that it wasn’t my mind playing tricks, but more fear that it was truly real if anything. And to this day, that inhuman thing still resides there.

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by cnkguy
A Sighting Like No Other

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