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A Quiet Place Review

Alright I know I’ve been ghosting. I’ve been busy with school and I’m graduating and trying to prepare myself not to crash and burn in the real world and well… here’s a review of the hype new horror movie. Also this is a spoiler-free review (Above the Read More Line that hopefully doesn’t disappear)

Supernatural or psychological or metaphorical in some way?

It was supernatural, like vaguely science fiction, although it could be taken as a metaphor for raising a family in a dangerous world. There’s probably a lot to dive in to there.

How scary was it? 10/10 I’m always afraid of seeming weak because I know it’s a cool thing to see a hella scary movie and act like you weren’t fazed at all by it. But damn, this was really fucking scary. This movie did not let up, I was stressed out endlessly. At one point I was so scared I didn’t even feel it anymore.

Jump scares or nah? Kind of? I jumped but it wasn’t like a traditional cheap jump scare where something takes up the whole screen to the sound of loud strings. I’m not sure how to describe it. It was a classy affair.

Is there blood and gore? There was definitely blood, but not like the people getting ripped open kind of blood. There is violence but it cuts away quickly and most the time before anything seriously brutally happens.

On a scale of 1-10 (10 being Alien: Covenant), how dumb were the characters? 2. They were pretty smart and had worked out a good system. There were a few times children were making childish mistakes (as children do) and some moments where I thought, “you should look around yourself a little bit more” but these were very non-frustrating characters for a horror movie.

Does the story make logical sense if you think about it too long?

Yeah, it was thought out top to bottom. The monsters are very mysterious and next to nothing is said about their origins, but they are very consistent throughout in what they can and can’t do.

This horror movie was fantastic. It was also just a good movie. It had well-written and well-acted characters that you do empathize with and actually worry for. The fact they cast a deaf actress to play a deaf character was also a nice touch. It was also very nicely filmed, like every shot seemed to matter. I also just enjoyed the nice farm it took place on. It made me think about settling down with a wife and kids and listening to indie music. I mean, that last statement probably has no bearing as to whether or not you’ll want to see the movie, but I guess I just wanted you to know.

Anyways, it was a beautifully done horror movie that accomplished what even the best struggle with doing– it didn’t fall apart at the end. It was scary and suspenseful until the very end. Who knew Jim from the office had it in him. 100% go see it. Fuck it. I’ll give it a 10/10.

Spoiler-y thoughts below

Holy fucking shit I didn’t know that boy was going to die. I figured he was when Jim was running towards him and was taking a while to get him and Jim probably wasn’t going to be able to stop a monster but damn.

There were scenes where I was losing it and had to ask myself the question, “Is Jim from the office going to make me watch a newborn get murdered?” I certainly hoped not and figured not.

That fucking nail.

Jim no!




by cnkguy
A Quiet Place Review

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