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A Quiet Place Part II Review

Hey! I saw A Quiet Place Part II over the weekend (I’m vaxxed and all that so that’s nice) and I had some thoughts! Also this is a spoiler-free review above the read-more line.

Supernatural or psychological or metaphorical in some way?

It was science-fiction since the monsters are aliens as has been well-established by ol’ John Krasinski. It’s actually the best War of the Worlds movie.

How scary was it? Yeah this was scary although less in a creepy way and more in an unrelentingly suspenseful way. The freaky-ass monster design is great and really contributes to the unbearable tension and sense of dread.

Jump scares or nah? A bit yeah. I suppose it happens once or twice in both of these movies where the monster first appears and just fucking DECKS somebody.

Is there blood and gore? It’s pretty violent but there really isn’t a whole lot of blood and gore. When people get wrecked by the monsters, the wrecking tends to be quick or happen just off screen.

On a scale of 1-10 (10 being Alien: Covenant), how dumb were the characters? 2. Like I said the first time, the main characters were pretty smart and worked out what to do pretty well. 

Does the story make logical sense if you think about it too long?


This movie was awesome. John Krasinski really came out of nowhere to direct two basically perfect horror thrillers. The set pieces were really well-executed and had me on the edge of the seat. I can’t think of a more tense movie. The acting and writing was also great again.

You may be wondering if this was just a cash grab rehash. I’ll say it wasn’t. It went and built upon the world, fleshing out more of what has been happening in this apocalypse. It built upon the characters and added new ones, most notably Cillian Murphy as Emmett, that felt right.

Also the sound design goes CRAZY.

I gave the first one a 10/10, so sure, I’ll also give this one a 10/10. See it.

Spoiler-y thoughts below

Damn that opening scene was something else.

“What’s the sign for dive?” Real good setups and payoffs there, John.

I like how John wrote his own character as being the man that posthumously sets that standard for all men.

Was really happy with that scene where Cillian Murphy straight up stabs a dude to a wooden pole and uses him as bait.

I really like the kid finding the corpse scene, gave a real classic horror taste to the movie.

That fucking nail comes back again just to worry the shit out me of me. What a troll!




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A Quiet Place Part II Review

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