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A new woman joined my client’s meal table several months ago. She’s a sweet soul. She told me on…

A new woman joined my client’s meal table several months ago. She’s a sweet soul. She told me on more than one occasion that her husband died in her arms one day from health complications when she returned home after having her hair done. She said her husband was a wonderful man and no one could have asked for a better husband. She had also told me that she didn’t understand why she was still around. She loved a man, raised her children, had a blissful home, but she was ready for the next stage of her life, she was ready for the lord to take her home.

She disappeared one day and I was concerned. I discovered she had gone to the hospital as many of the residents do. After only knowing her for a short period of time I feared the worst.

Randomly she reappeared one day. She seemed a bit different, but I chalked it up to a long period in the hospital. A few days ago she started talking a bit more which I was happy to see. There was no more mention of wanting to go with the lord anymore.

Today as I waited to make sure my client was taken care of for lunch, she told me a story about her room. Last night she claims that her husband entered her room, after walking out on her and being gone for seventeen years. I asked “was he your only husband?” Thinking maybe she had been married twice and her second husband passed away suddenly. She confirmed it was her only marriage and then went on to describe how it was the darndest thing that he showed up after all these years with a friend, to her room living in an assisted living facility. She said her husband and the friend talked for around fifteen minutes or so until he talked to her. She said he looked really good. She asked him if he had ever remarried or had anymore children outside of the ones they had together and he said no. His only children were theirs and he never remarried. She had asked him why he left seventeen years ago and why she hadn’t heard from him, not one word, what happened, what was wrong? He expressed a great love for her. Nothing had been wrong. He had loved her with all of his heart.

Her story was interrupted by her meal. I just found this to be a very interesting turn of events in her life. From one moment claiming her husband died suddenly and she just can’t understand why the lord hasn’t taken her yet. She’s tired and she’s lost her independence and her hearing. To the next moment where her husband left all those years ago and then showed up out of the blue.

I can’t help but wonder if he decided to visit her. If he truly was the amazing, devoted, husband she claims he was, the man who loved her so much, maybe he’s still waiting around until she can join him once again. Or maybe it was simply a dream.

Source: Madlit Paranormal

by cnkguy
A new woman joined my client’s meal table several months ago. She’s a sweet soul. She told me on…

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