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7 Places in Michigan to Find Ghosts

Ghost hunting in Michigan? You won’t have to look far. From historic restaurants to properties cursed by witches, the Great Lakes State is full of haunted hot spots. Here are seven places to search for spirits.

Seven Gables Road – Dansville

The ruins of a cursed home reportedly lie at the end of Seven Gables Road, just beyond the gate. The home once belonged to a witch that cursed the property. Soon after the witch’s death, a large family moved in, but their lives were cut tragically short. Driven mad by the curse, the father hanged his wife and children and then set the house ablaze before taking his own life. Now, people who investigate the property hear blood-curdling screams, spot faces in the trees, and smell the stench of burning flesh.

The Masonic Temple – Detroit

Architect George D. Mason reportedly haunts the enormous Masonic Temple. Legend has it Mason leaped to his death from the top of the building and now makes his presence known by slamming doors and switching off lights. Security guards in the historic building also report cold spots and eerie shadows. Some say they see Mason’s ghost climbing up the stairs, just as he did before plunging off the building.

Memphis Cemetery – Memphis

Locals say that ghastly faces and apparitions appear in the “witch’s ball” of this small-town cemetery. Rumor has it the black sphere also moves on its own. As if that weren’t enough, shadowy figures also walk among the graves, and disembodied voices ring out from the woods nearby.

Historic White Horse Inn – Metamora

Metamora’s White Horse Inn is over 165 years old and allegedly haunted by former owner Lorenzo Hoard. Visitors and staff hear heavy footsteps in empty rooms, lights flicker without cause, trays tumble from tables, and a shadowy form appears in an antique mirror. Every night, just after closing, the current owner leaves a pair of boots for Lorenzo at the top of the stairs. In the morning, the boots are often in a different spot.

Eloise Asylum – Westland

Eloise got its start in 1839, and housed 10,000 patients at its peak. Now, the 178-year-old asylum is reportedly home to a number of ghosts, including a rooftop woman in white and a man who lurks near the foot of the stairs. Legions of paranormal investigators have explored the property and have heard everything from tortured screams to terrifying roars.

The Terrace Inn – Petoskey

Built in 1910, this historic inn is reportedly home to a number of ghosts, including a man in tweed, a basement-dwelling child, and a lonesome lady in white. Legend has it the man prefers to dwell on the balcony, while the restless lady wanders up and down the halls. The boy is perhaps the most friendly, though he spends his time in the basement. Want more specifics? The “Ghost Files” at the front desk contains a record of the inn’s paranormal activity.

Mission Table – Traverse City

A former owner reportedly haunts Mission Table in Traverse City. Genevive Stickney was a jealous woman whose husband left her for the young nurse charged with her care. Legend has it that depression drove Genevive to hang herself in the building’s elevator shaft. Now, the restaurant is plagued with eerie events, including lights that turn on and off without cause, mirrors and paintings that fall off walls, and an elevator that moves when no one’s inside.

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7 Places in Michigan to Find Ghosts

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