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7 of Indiana’s Most Haunted Places

A eerie library, a fortune-telling cemetery, a mansion with whispering walls. The Hoosier State is home to several haunted locations. Here are seven of the most terrifying.

Edna Collings Bridge – Putnam County

Built in 1922, the historic Edna Collings Bridge (sometimes called Edna Collins) is one of Indiana’s most haunted places. Legend has it the bridge’s namesake, Edna Collings, drowned in the creek below when she was just a child. Edna now reportedly leaves hand prints on vehicles that stop on the bridge and honk three times. Some say she will even try to climb inside. Other travelers claim to have seen the ghostly child with her beloved dog.

Whispers Estate – Mitchell

With the tagline “where the walls really do talk,” the historic Whispers Estate is famous its paranormal activity. Built in 1894, the mansion was once home to a couple who adopted orphans and abandoned children. One child, Rachael, died after setting fire to the front parlor. A 10-month-old baby and the lady of the house also died in the home, and their ghosts spook the living today. Visitors report smelling baby powder, seeing a young girl running up and down the stairs, and hearing a woman’s labored breathing. Legend has it the walls also “whisper” and door knobs rattle by themselves.

The Willard Library – Evansville

A number of spirits reportedly haunt Evansville’s Willard Library which is more than 110 years old. The library even streams live video, and a number of odd figures have appeared on camera, including a chilling black creature in the children’s room. The most famous spirit, however, is The Grey Lady who was captured floating between shelves. Though no one’s sure who she is, patrons and staff have seen the Grey Lady since the 1930s.

Hacienda Mexican Restaurant – Mishawaka

The Hacienda Restaurant was once a private mansion, and legend has it the former owner had an affair with a maid. When the woman became pregnant, the owner threw her out and then hanged himself in the attic. Now, restaurant staff and guests hear strange noises, and water facets turn on and off by themselves. They say the heartbroken maid also appears in the bathroom mirror like a scorned Bloody Mary.

Slippery Noodle Inn – Indianapolis

The Slippery Noodle Inn is the oldest bar in Indiana and once served as a bordello. During the Civil War, the inn was also a stop on the Underground Railroad. Is it any wonder that ghosts reportedly haunt the historic building? Paranormal activity includes unexplained cold spots, whispers in the basement, and shadowy apparitions that lurk in corners. A slave, prostitute, and cowboy make up the Inn’s diverse group of spirits.

100 Steps Cemetery – Brazil

Wondering how you’ll die? Legend has it a ghost at 100 Steps Cemetery can show you the way. Simply climb all 100 steps of this rural cemetery’s staircase on a dark and moonless night. Once you reach the 100th step, a ghost will reveal the manner of your death. If you don’t like what you see, just climb carefully down, making sure to touch all 100 steps. If you’re successful, you won’t die as shown. If you trip and fall, your fate is sealed. Those who opt to climb the grassy hill instead of taking the stairs risk being pushed by an unseen entity.

Schenck Mansion Bed and Breakfast – Vevay

Built in 1874, the historic Schenck Mansion was once home to the wealthy Schenck family and is now a charming bed and breakfast. The mansion also has a reputation for being haunted. A Victorian woman in white reportedly roams the second floor, seemingly unaware of the living. Disembodied voices and footsteps are also common. Perhaps most disturbing are the “ghost kisses” male visitors awake to in the middle of the night.

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7 of Indiana’s Most Haunted Places

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