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7 Horrifyingly Haunted Places in Hawaii

Hawaii is home to stunning beaches, picturesque palms, and awe-inspiring volcanoes, but legend has it ghosts also call the islands home. Here are 7 haunted spots in Hawaii that may turn your dream vacation into a nightmare.

USS Arizona – Honolulu

haunted places hawaii

On December 7, 1941, the Imperial Japanese Navy bombed the U.S. Naval Base at Pearl Harbor in a surprise attack that claimed nearly 2,500 American lives. Over 1,000 of those men died aboard the USS Arizona, and many of the victims’ bodies could not be recovered. Some say the doomed men haunt the wreckage today. One woman even claims to have seen a ghostly man’s face in the water.

Manoa Falls Trail – Honolulu

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A banyan tree along the famous Manoa Falls Trail reportedly attracts the attention of Night Marchers, the legendary ghosts of ancient Hawaiian warriors. Witnesses claim to have seen the men marching along the trail late at night, beating drums and staring grimly ahead.

Kilauea Volcano – Big Island


According to local legend Pele, the Goddess of Fire, lives in Kilauea and appears in many forms. Some Hawaiians have seen Pele dancing among the volcano’s smoke and lava, while others believe she appears as a white dog to warn of an impending death. Collecting sand or rocks from the volcano is unwise as Pele reportedly curses those who disturb her home.

Wahiawa Gulch – Wahiawa

the green lady hawaii

A tormented spirit covered in moss and green mold lurches around Wahiawa Gulch, searching for her lost child. Known as The Green Lady, the wretched creature has jagged teeth, hair marred by seaweed, and a repellent, fishy stench. Desperate to replace the child she lost, the Green Lady will seize any boy or girl she sees and drag the unfortunate child to her underwater lair. Some say she resembles Japan’s kappa.

Morgan’s Corner – Honolulu

morgans corner haunted

In 1948, two escaped prisoners murdered a widow in her home. The house no longer stands, but the area around it is reportedly haunted by mysterious fireballs and a shadowy figure hanging from a tree.

Fort Street Mall – Honolulu

headless ghosts mall

Today, Hawaii’s Fort Street Mall looks like any other shopping center. However, the grounds were once Heiau – Pakaka, a massive site for human sacrifices. Victims were beheaded during the sacrificial ceremonies, and now the headless victims reportedly wander the mall late at night.

Kapaa Quarry Road – Kailua

kappa quarry road

Winding curves, narrow lanes, and dim lighting make Kapaa Quarry Road fatal. The road has claimed the lives of several motorists, and now the dead reportedly wander Kapaa Quarry, searching for a way home. Some hitch a ride from the living only to disappear before astonished drivers’ eyes.

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Source: Learn about Paranormal Activity and Real Hauntings here, plus see and explore Ghost Towns



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7 Horrifyingly Haunted Places in Hawaii

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