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7 Horrifyingly Haunted Places in Arkansas

Historic hotels, isolated tracks, a revered battlefield. Arkansas is full of haunted places. Here are seven of the most chilling. Pay them a visit, if you dare.

1886 Crescent Hotel – Eureka Springs

Often called “the most haunted hotel in America,” the Crescent Hotel is reportedly home to several spirits. Guests have spotted apparitions in Room 202 and 218, while a man with a moustache is said to haunt the bar. This photo shows what appears to be a ghostly bellman walking through the wall. Other spirits include a ghostly nurse who once roamed the property when it was a cancer treatment center.

Railroad Tracks – Gurdon

Residents of Gurdon say a mysterious ball of light appears near the railroad tracks in a wooded area of town. Sometimes blue or green, other times white or orange, the Gurdon light bobs along the tracks before abruptly winking out. Legend has it the light emits from a lantern carried by a railroad worker’s ghost. It seems the worker fell into the path of a train and is now searching for his severed head.

Pea Ridge Battlefield – Garfield

Spooky happenings abound at Pea Ridge Battlefield. Visitors report hearing musket fire in the middle of the night, while others sense invisible beings following them around. Paranormal investigators on the scene reportedly recorded the sounds of beating drums and shouted field commands.

Craighead Lake – Jonesboro

Legend has it a group of teens were drinking at the lake late at night when one of them ventured into deep water and drowned. Now, people at the lake dark reportedly see the teen’s ghost thrashing and struggling to stay afloat. Some visitors even hear his desperate cries for help.

Arkansas State Capitol – Little Rock

Built on the grounds of a former penitentiary, the Arkansas State Capitol is reportedly home to a number of ghosts. One elevator acts strangely, leading some to wonder if the ghost of Ira Gurley is to blame. The representative was killed in an elevator accident there in 1932. Other rumored ghosts include former prisoners and a woman in white that roams the stairs.

Arkansas Air Museum – Fayettville

A male spirit reportedly lurks inside the Arkansas Air Museum. Described as being tall with dark hair, the ghost looks like any other man. Until he abruptly disappears, that is. Paranormal investigators on the scene have recorded muffled voices and noticed a bizarre plunge in temperature.

Basin Park Hotel – Eureka Springs

The ghost of former owner William Duncan allegedly haunts the Basin Park Hotel. Guests and staff have reported seeing the suited Duncan roaming around the historic property. His companion spirits include a young girl in white, a woman that scares guests away from a particular room, and even a ghostly lion!



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7 Horrifyingly Haunted Places in Arkansas

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