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7 Haunted Places in New Mexico

A cigar-smoking nun, a doughnut-eating boy, a bereaved mother. New Mexico is home to several spirits. Here are seven places to find them in the “Land of Enchantment.”

Inn and Spa at Loretto – Santa Fe

Sister George taught at the Loretto Academy, a Catholic Girls’ School that was located where the hotel presently stands. Hotel guests have reported smelling the distinctive odor of cigar smoke, and have credited it to Sister George. She also leaves money in the till and levitates clothing racks.

Dawson Cemetery – Cimarron

Dawson was a flourishing coal mining town. That changed with two major tragedies: a massive explosion in 1913 that killed 263 men, followed by a second disaster in 1923 that took the lives of 121 additional miners. They are all buried in Dawson Cemetery, with a simple cross marking each grave. Almost 400 miners died violently, and now their ghosts remain.

KiMo Theater – Albuquerque

In 1951, a young boy named Bobby was killed when a water heater in the lobby exploded. The ghostly child now roams the historic theater, causing havoc. Theater guests have taken to leaving small gifts for Bobby so that they may watch performances in peace. On opening night, actors leave a doughnut backstage so he does not disturb their show!

Urraca Mesa – Angel Fire

Urraca Mesa has the scary moniker of “Gateway to Hell.” According to Native American legend, this is a gateway to the demonic realm. Large cat totems have been erected on the property to keep the demons from escaping, but they are slowly disappearing. Once the totems are all gone, who knows what evil will escape from the depths below.

Carrie Tingley Children’s Hospital – Albuquerque

The Carrie Tingley Children’s Hospital is haunted by the spirits of patients dating back to its opening in 1910. There are invisible force fields that keep people from entering certain areas, black-robed figures roaming the hospital halls, crying, and disembodied voices…which make the flickering lights seem tame.

La Posada de Santa Fe – Santa Fe

La Posada was once the home of the Staab Family. Julia Staab lost her child shortly after his birth. She was unable to deal with his death, and she took to her room and became mentally deranged. She died in 1896, and her ghost is said to remain in her home, where she weeps for her child.

San Pedro Library – Albuquerque

Books that rearrange themselves, lights that glimmer, and the apparitions of children in dark corners can all be found at the San Pedro Library. Some visitors have even heard the dead librarian beckon guests to “Come check out a book!” A visit to this library will be unlike any other (well maybe except this one)!

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7 Haunted Places in New Mexico

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