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7 Haunted Places in New Hampshire

A former orphanage, a historic cemetery, a castle in ruins. New Hampshire is full of haunted places. Here are seven of the most frightening.

Chase Home – Portsmouth

Once an orphanage and now a place for at-risk youth, Chase Home also harbors the ghost of a former resident, or so the stories go. They say a girl once hanged herself in her room and now wanders the hall late at night. If anyone tries to approach the girl, she runs and disappears. Screams heard in the dead of night are also attributed to the restless spirit.

Pine Hill Cemetery – Hollis

A number of ghosts reportedly haunt the historic Pine Hell Cemetery. Strange activity includes unexplained tapping sounds, disembodied voices, and full-bodied apparitions. Known by locals as Blood Cemetery, Pine Hill is the final resting place to the Blood family. Legend has it the family was murdered, though different dates of death on the family’s headstones easily disprove the tale. Abel Blood, the family patriarch, has a headstone with a finger pointing up towards heaven. Some believe that as night falls over the cemetery, the finger changes position and points down towards hell.

Three Chimneys Inn – Durham

haunted inn new hampshire

Built in 1649, the property that is now Three Chimneys Inn is one of the oldest standing homes in New Hampshire. Legend has it the inn is haunted by a woman named Hannah. Strange activity at Three Chimneys includes doors that lock on their own, glass that shatters unexpectedly, and touches from unseen hands. Electronic devices like printers, computers, and copiers also behave strangely at the old inn. They say it’s Hannah showing her displeasure for new things she doesn’t understand.

Ocean-Born Mary House – Henniker

In 1720, a notorious pirate captured a ship off the coast of Massachusetts and promised to spare the lives of everyone aboard. However, his mercy came with a price: that a baby born on the ship be named after his beloved mother Mary. The child’s mother agreed, and “ocean-born Mary” went on to live a normal life. Now, they say, Mary haunts her son’s former home, today known as the ocean-born Mary house. Reports of a red-haired woman with glowing green eyes have become the stuff of legend and some believe she’s there to protect the property from harm.

Kimball Castle – Gilford

Built in the 1890s, Kimball Castle is the former home of railroad magnate Benjamin Ames Kimball. The castle remained in the family until 1960 and has slowly fallen into disrepair. Over the years, the castle’s caretakers have reported a number of strange events, including strange banging noises, doors that open and close, and even a full-body apparition. In 2009, the Ghost Hunters team investigated Kimball Castle but found nothing of note.

Island Path Road – Hampton Beach

In the 1600s, a woman named Eunice Cole was accused of using witchcraft to curse a group of sailors. She was imprisoned for her alleged crime, and when she died a few years later, villagers drove a stake through her body. Now the accused witch is said to haunt Island Path Road. Residents complain of flickering lights, missing cats, and objects that move on their own. Some even claim to have seen an apparition wandering the road.

Mount Washington Hotel – Bretton Woods

Legend has it a woman named Carolyn haunts the luxurious Mount Washington Hotel. Carolyn was married to the business tycoon who built the hotel, and now reportedly haunts her former suite, room 314. Guests have reported waking in the middle of the night to see a woman brushing her hair at the foot at the bed. Paranormal investigators, including the Ghost Hunters team, have also recorded a voice they believe is Carolyn’s.




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7 Haunted Places in New Hampshire

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