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7 Haunted Places in Minnesota

From slain mobsters to tormented mistresses, Minnesota is full of spirits. Here are seven places to find them in the North Star State.

Lake Julia Sanitarium – Puposky

Like hundreds of sanitariums across the country, Puposky’s Lake Julia is said to be haunted. The 101-year-old facility housed thousands of patients before closing its doors in 1953. Now only the ghosts are remain. Passerby often spot a young girl lingering near a second-floor window, while others witness balls of light gliding down empty corridors.

Forepaugh’s Restaurant – St. Paul

Legend has it former owner Joseph Forepaugh haunts the restaurant bearing his name. His mistress Molly lingers there as well. A pregnant Molly reportedly hanged herself after Joseph’s wife discovered their affair. Now guests and staff hear heavy footsteps on the the third floor, the site of Molly’s suicide. Some diners and servers have also spotted Joseph’s ghost wandering about the restaurant, while Molly is said to appear in photos.

Colfax Cemetery – New London

Taken in Colfax Cemetery, this ghost photo appears to show an apparition of some kind. According to local legend, disembodied screams and sobs plague the area, as well as a pack of hell hounds with vicious red eyes and barks to raise the dead. A grieving mother is also said to roam the desolate country road nearby.

Skatin’ Place – St. Paul

Rumor has it a boy died in the marsh near Skatin’ Place before the rink’s construction. Could he behind the strange activity there? Eerie events include lights that turn on in the middle of the night, arcade games that inexplicably switch on and off, heavy footsteps on the roof, and even a face in the air vent.

Billy’s Bar & Grill – Anoka

Located at the site of a former hotel, Billy’s Bar & Grill is said to be haunted by a tormented young woman. According to the tales, passerby see a red-headed spirit peering from a third-floor window. However, when someone goes to investigate, the woman is never there. Other strange events include flickering lights, moving objects, and odd noises from the upper floors.

Gibbs Farm – St. Paul

In 1867, nine-year-old William Gibbs died of smoke inhalation after fighting to stop a prairie fire from destroying his family’s home. The farmhouse survived, and some say William’s spirit lingers on. Today, the farm and surrounding property serves as a historical museum. Strange events at Gibbs Museum include toys that refuse to stay put, a rocking chair that moves on its own, cabinet doors that bump and bang, and a young boy’s face staring forlornly out the window.

Wabasha Street Caves – St. Paul

Dating back to the 1840s, the Wabasha Street Caves once served as speakeasies frequented by such well-known mobsters as John Dillinger and Ma Barker. In fact, legend has it three gangsters were murdered in a back room and now haunt the caves which today operate as an event venue. Eerie mists, a woman in 1920s-style clothing, and a disappearing bartender are all signs the paranormal is afoot.

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7 Haunted Places in Minnesota

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