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7 Haunted Places in Arizona

Arizona is famous for its desert beauty, stunning canyon views, and Wild West ghost towns. It’s also home to countless spirits. From caves in the Grand Canyon to a beloved restaurant in Phoenix, here are seven of Arizona’s most haunted attractions.

Grand Canyon Caverns – Peach Springs

Nestled more than 200 feet below the surface, the Grand Canyon Caverns has a haunting reputation. More than eight people have died or been buried there, and visitors report seeing mysterious shadows and hearing distant chants. Some say the shadows belong to Indians buried in the cave, while others think the souls of lost explorers are to blame. Particularly brave guests can spend the night in the Caverns’ unique Underground Suite where previous guests have seen shadowy figures.

The Buford House – Tombstone

tombstone arizona's buford house

The heartbroken spirit of a scorned male reportedly haunts Tombstone’s historic Buford House. Strange occurrences include lights that turn on and off, knocking sounds in the walls, and a doorbell that rings at three a.m. The naughty spirit also gets frisky with female guests. One woman claimed an invisible entity slid the covers off her body. Another felt a hand stroking her hair and neck.

Jerome Grand Hotel – Jerome

Built in 1926, the Jerome Grand Hotel was once a hospital. As many as 9,000 patients died there, and now their frightened and confused spirits reportedly roam the historic property.

Eerie activity includes disembodied voices, the sound of rolling hospital gurneys, and a ghost cat that jumps on guests’ beds. In 2011, the Ghost Adventures crew investigated the hotel and recorded dark masses, slamming doors, and shouts in the dark. There’s also the legend of the angry repairman who was crushed by the elevator and now paces up and down the hallways.

Bird Cage Theatre – Tombstone

The Bird Cage Theatre opened in 1881 and was equal parts theatre, brothel, saloon, and gambling parlor. After less than a decade, the rowdy business closed, and the building was sealed for 45 years before becoming a haunted tourist attraction. Today, guests report seeing apparitions in Western clothing, as well as a wispy woman in white and a man wearing a visor.

Big Nose Kate’s Saloon – Tombstone

Legend has it Big Nose Kate’s Saloon harbors spirits other than liquor. The most famous is a rowdy miner named Swamper said to watch over his lost treasure. Legend has it that Swamper hid silver somewhere in the building and wants to keep it safe. Other creepy tales involve tumbling mannequins, silverware that falls off tables, phantom sightings, and hazy forms that appear in photos.

Copper Queen Hotel – Bisbee

The historic Copper Queen Hotel is home to many ghosts, including a former prostitute named Julia and a mischievous little boy. They say Julia took her own life after a man rejected her and now teases male guests by whispering in their ears and dancing provocatively near the stairs. The boy reportedly drowned in a river near the hotel and spends his afterlife running in the halls and playing pranks on guests.

The Stockyards Restaurant – Phoenix

Eerie events at this 71-year-old eatery include flickering lights, chandeliers that shake, muffled voices in empty rooms, and shadowy figures in the dining area. A woman in a red dress reportedly steps out of the restaurant’s hand-painted mural and appears to ill-fated diners. One witness disappeared soon after seeing her.

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Feature photo by Tim Mossholder from Pexels



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7 Haunted Places in Arizona

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