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50 (More) Chilling Ghost Photos

In September 2014, I published “100 Chilling Ghost Photos,” a post that is now one of the most popular on this site. Three years later, it’s time for a sequel. From full-blown apparitions to mysterious faces, here are 50 more of the world’s most chilling ghost photos. Enjoy!

real ghost photo

On July 12, 2016, a motorist snapped this photo of a fatal motorcycle accident in Stanton, KY. The image made the rounds on social media due to the wispy white figure hovering between the two ambulances. Do you think it shows the accident victim’s ghost? – Heaven’s Angel

These two photos were taken seconds apart, once with a flash and once without. As you can see, the darker photo seems to show a woman standing near the closet door. The woman also shows up in the lighter photo, although not as clearly. Could she be a ghost? – The Woman Watching

The photo above reportedly shows a little girl toddling towards her ‘imaginary’ friend. What do you believe? – Imaginary Friend

ghost picture

A father snapped a photo of his daughter at Tamworth Castle Grounds in Staffordshire, England and seemingly captured two ghosts in the background. Legend has it a 9th-century nun haunts Tamworth Castle, while tales of disembodied footsteps, swirling mists, and mysterious figures are also common – White Knights 

ghost photo

A woman in England snapped a photo of her new home and was shocked to see someone staring back at her. Since moving in, the woman and her family have heard scratching sounds in the walls and odd noises upstairs. – The Man Inside

haunted belgrave museum

Is England’s Belgrave Hall haunted? This surveillance footage from 1998 leaves some wondering. Belgrave Hall, a Victorian museum in Leicester, has long had a ghostly reputation. Legend has it a former owner’s daughter, now known as The White Lady, haunts the more than 300-year-old residence. – The White Lady of Belgrave Hall

gray lady ghost

In Stranocum, Ireland, a spirit known as the gray lady reportedly roams a historic road known as Dark Hedges. Is this her? No one’s quite sure of the Gray Lady’s identity, though theories abound. Some say she comes from a long-forgotten cemetery nearby. Others believe she was a servant who died mysteriously.- The Gray Lady of Dark Hedges

In 2012, two friends hiked to a lake near the village of Abersoch and decided to record the scenic view. The men noticed nothing strange at the time, but when they reviewed their footage, they were shocked to see a black figure lurking in the background. – Welsh Woman in Black

ghost in water

A teenager named Doreen O’Sullivan drowned in an Australian swimming hole in 1913. At least one woman believes Doreen’s ghost appears in the photo above, taken at the same spot as the drowning. – Haunted Swimming Hole

Does the infamous Gray Lady of Hampton Court Palace appear in this photo, or is it a camera glitch? Built in 1525, Hampton Court Palace has harbored kings, queens, and many other members of English royalty. One was Catherine Howard, a queen who was imprisoned at the palace before being executed for adultery. – The Gray Lady of Hampton Court

ghost photo

This photo was taken in the Guildhall prison shower block and shows a boyish figure just beyond the door. Is it a ghost or another person visiting the old jail? – Guildlhall Ghost

ghost cork city gaol ireland

A ghostly woman in green allegedly haunts Ireland’s Cork City Gaol. Could this be her? The photo on the left was taken just seconds before the photo on the right. – Cork City Gaol Ghoul

real ghost photo

Taken at a nursing home just minutes after a patient died, this photo appears to show a shadowy figure lurking near the door. Staff and other residents also heard strange sounds in the hallway, and a call light kept going off in an empty room. – Haunted Nursing Home

ghost photo

Little info exists about this photo which appears to show a boy’s disembodied head floating in the woods behind a cemetery. What do you think? – The Boy in the Woods

real ghost photo

The story behind this photo is that an arsonist torched the home and neighbors heard someone inside screaming for help. However, upon investigation firefighters found no one inside. So who, or what, is that looking out? – Fire Phantom


Built in 1820, Scotland’s Inveraray Jail has a haunted reputation. Is the white shape above a ghost? Over the years, many visitors at the former prison have complained of uneasy feelings, strange noises, and in some cases, have taken photographs which later show unexplained things. – Haunted Inveraray Jail

prison ghost photo

This full-spectrum photo comes from an Australian paranormal investigation group. Taken at an abandoned prison in Victoria, the photo reportedly shows the ghost of a prison guard. – Full-Spectrum Cameras and Ghost Hunting

bird cage theatre haunted

This photo reportedly shows a ghost at Tombstone’s infamous Bird Cage Theatre. Now a tourist attraction, the Bird Cage Theatre opened its doors in 1881 and served as a theater, saloon, gambling parlor, and brothel. Now, staff and visitors report all manner of paranormal activity, including ghostly moans, disembodied voices, and an apparition of a woman in white. – Woman at the Bird Cage Theatre

ghost photo

Taken at Union Cemetery in Easton, Connecticut, the photo above appears to show a floating head. Do you think it’s a ghost? Dating back to the 1700s, Union Cemetery is reportedly one of the most haunted graveyards in the United States. In fact, the cemetery is so active famed demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren wrote a book about it. – The Floating Head

lochmaden castle ghost

This photo was taken near the ruins of Scotland’s Lochmaben Castle and reportedly shows an ancient vampire. The man who took the picture describes the vampire as having a face as gray as granite and eyes black as coal. – The Vampire of Lochmaben Castle

ghost photo

The story behind this photo is that a man was hiking in the Australian bush when he suddenly began feeling frightened and sensed he was being stalked. When the hiker reviewed his photos later, he saw a man in red looking back at him. Is it a ghost? – The Man in the Woods

ghost photo

Taken at England’s Hampton Court Palace, this photo appears to show a woman in white standing in front of the banister. The man who took the photo said no one else was around. Could the woman be Catherine Howard, the fifth wife of King Henry VIII? Catherine was imprisoned at Hampton Court before her execution in 1542. – The Return of Catherine Howard

picture of ghost

Located in Bronllys, Wales, the 113-year-old Brecon and Radnor Lunatic Asylum once housed mentally ill patients who endured everything from excruciating lobotomies to imprisonment in padded cells. Does this photo show a former patient? – Asylum Apparition

picture of alleged ghost faces

Are these ghostly faces in the auditorium of Butler Pennsylvania’s Penn Theater? The person who took the photo said there were no green orbs present at the time of the photo.  – Penn Theater Spirits

ghost picture

The story behind this shadowy photo is that a group of carpenters snapped it in a basement and then refused to work there again. What do you make of the image? – The Basement Dweller

haunted graveyard

Taken by paranormal investigators on Halloween night, the picture appears to show a wispy, white figure lurking in the background of St. Bartholomew’s Cemetery. The graveyard is more than 175 years old, and locals believe a former jockey and a young girl may haunt the church’s historic cemetery. What do you think of the photo? – The Haunted Graveyard

ghost photo

A woman in England snapped this spooky photo during a ghost walk at Hessle Foreshore woods in East Riding, Yorks. Legend has it an orphaned girl haunts the woods, watching and waiting for her lost father. The woman who took the photo was terrified after seeing the spirit and dreams of the ghostly child – Girl in the Woods

Does this infrared video still, taken at Maine’s historic Biddeford Theater, show a ghostly woman climbing the stairs?In December 2016, EVP Paranormal of Maine investigated the century-old theater in hopes of finding a spirit. Legend has it the ghost of actress Eva Gray haunts the theater after collapsing and dying backstage in 1904.- The Haunted Theater

The story goes that a family installed security cameras after being plagued by demonic forces. When they played back their footage, they were horrified to see a wispy, white figure trailing behind two members of the household. Is it a ghost or merely a reflection? – Stalked by a Spirit

A family outing to Crathes Castle turned unexpectedly chilling when a ghost turned up in the background of their photo (doorway). Located near Banchory, Scotland, Crathes is a 16th-century fortress reportedly haunted by a spirit known as The Green Lady. Another ghost is thought to belong to former resident Lady Agnes, a woman said to have poisoned her son’s sweetheart. – The Haunted Castle

ghost photo

This photo taken at the infamous Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado reportedly shows a ghost on the stairs. The photographer, publicist Henry Yau, is quite certain no one was on the steps at the time of the photo. He also reports feeling queasy soon after snapping the picture. The Stanley Hotel inspired Steven King to write The Shining and is reportedly home to several ghosts. – Staircase Spirit

What do you see when you look at the photo above? According to one Melbourne family, the face in the window is the ghost of a recently deceased family member. Skeptics say the photo shows nothing more than a (live) person peering into the room. Others say the image has been altered or the face is a reflection of some kind. What do you believe? – The Floating Face

George Corwin was sheriff of Salem during the infamous witch trials and a man who sent many accused witches to their death. One of the accused was a man named Giles Corey who was pressed to death beneath a pile of stones and reportedly cursed George with his last agonized breath. This photo comes from a historic home on the site of Corwin’s former property. Some believe the figure above is a witch. – Witch of the Ward House

These photos were taken in quick succession on the light of an abnormally full moon. What could the strange creature on the right be? – Tree Spirit

ghost on cliff

The photo above comes from Dundas Peak in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. According to the hiker who took the photo, the ledge where the figure in the background is standing is completely inaccessible and far too narrow to support a person. The photographer and his companion did not see the figure at the time of the photo. – The Cliffhanger

A man studying the gray wolf population in Quebec set up a series of trail cams and captured this strange image. Who, or what, is behind the tree and why is there a white blob in the corner? – Girl in the Woods

Missouri’s “Zombie Road” was once home to all sorts of strange activity, including odd lights, eerie noises, and menacing humanoid figures. The photo above comes from Paranormal Task Force and reportedly shows a group of shadow people on the hill. Zombie Road is now a two-mile recreation trail. However, haunting tales of disembodied voices, chants, and shadow people persist. – Shadow People

ghost photo

A tourist visiting the historic Norwich Cathedral believes she may have captured a ghost on camera. The cathedral’s construction began in 1096 and is the final resting place of several bishops. Could the figure under the archway, who seems to be wearing long clothing and a hat, be one of them? – The Wandering Bishop

This photo was taken during a ghost tour in The Rocks, Sydney. What do you make of the figure next to the woman? Is it a spirit or something more easily explained? – The Little Spirit

This photo comes from the Turner House in Harpers Ferry, WV. The Turner House dates back to the late 1700s and is under the care of the National Park Service. Some say it’s haunted. According to the man who took the photo, the sleeved arm on the right wasn’t there when he took the photo. Could a spirit be to blame? – Apparition in Harpers Ferry

This video still of a ‘ghostly maid’ wandering North Carolina’s Tryon Palace generated a lot of press in English tabloids. But does it actually show a ghost? Some argue it’s merely an employee in period dress walking quickly past the doorway. Others aren’t so sure. What do you think? – The Maid of Tryon Palace

This photo was taken at an unidentified bar in Hollywood, CA. Some people wonder if the transparent woman in the background is from another time. – Dead Woman Walking

Taken at England’s Barnard Castle, this photo shows a white figure lurking near the fortress’s stone walls. Could it be a ghost? Construction of Barnard began in 1095, and the ancient castle was once a favorite of King Richard III. Today, it is an English Heritage site. Patrons at an adjoining pub allegedly see orbs, figures, faces, spectral movement, and other oddities. – King of the Castle

This photo seems to show a ghostly girl wandering through a cemetery at dark. The unidentified graveyard has been around since 1874, and several older graves dot the property. – Girl in the Graveyard

Taken at the Crumlin Road Gaol in Belfast, Ireland, this photo appears to show a figure standing in the doorway. More than 17 men were executed at Crumlin Road Gaol, including a notorious IRA terrorist. In addition to violent criminals, the jail has also housed suffragettes, political prisoners, and children from poor families caught stealing. Could the figure in the photo be one of them? – Gaol House Ghost

A man found this creepy image while searching the area on Google street view. Is that a ghostly face peering out of The Stuart Hotel, a community pub in Liverpool, England? According to locals, The Stuart Hotel was once plagued by a poltergeist that rattled the building and scratched within the walls. However, things have since quieted down. – The Man Within

The photo to the left was taken in Ireland’s historic Muckross Abbey. Could the shadowy figure in the background be the ghost of a long-dead friar?Founded in 1448, Muckross Abbey has a dark and violent past. The abbey was home to Franciscan friars who were repeatedly raided by bands of marauders. The men also suffered under Cromwellian forces. Now, only ruins of the once majestic structure remain. – Shadow Monk

The photo above was taken at Vassals Park in Bristol, England. The property was once part of a handsome estate and is reportedly home to a ghostly monk who died for his faith. Does this picture show the man’s hooded form? Some believe the Duchess of Beaufort, who once resided nearby, also haunts the park. – Footbridge Phantom

The photo above comes from a Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) traffic camera positioned at Soldier Summit, a remote mountain pass in Utah’s Wasatch Mountains. Legend has it many soldiers died while traveling through the area in the 1800s. – Street Walker

This photo may not look like much, but the details behind it is unsettling. The story goes that a woman woke up one morning to find her blanket sitting upright on the couch. It looked as a person was sitting there, but there was no else in the home and the blanket remained in that position for several days.  – Hidden Figure 

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50 (More) Chilling Ghost Photos

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