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by cnkguy

For reasons I don’t understand, ‘witch’ is kind of a dirty word in the USA, in a way that it isn’t in the UK unless you want to hurl it as a really outdated insult at a random old lady to no effect. 

I’m in Hawai’i, have been for a bit. Waimea is a small town, and I read tarot at Pau Hana for anyone who asks. I look a bit odd (hair could be any colour for a start, not to mention the ink and the jewellery) and, well, more importantly I am an actual witch, thank you very much. 

This has lead to various people saying hi to my husband at a local supermarket thus: “Hey! You’re Kal – you work at the telescope, right? And your wife is a…”




So now I am the weird Tarot Sorceress who is occasionally seen to haunt Waimea.

Source: Tales of Necromancy

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