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by cnkguy

Anonymous Submitted:

My friend and I were in a city park well after dark just hanging around. We were a little drunk… not too drunk, and we definitely did not hallucinate what we both saw. When we were turned away from it, we heard the little squeal of someone on the swing. I turned around and one of the swing seats was just moving by itself, not swinging wildly, but still, moving. I know it wasn’t the wind because it wasn’t very windy and the swing next to it was still. After a while it stopped and we forgot about it and went up to climb the play structure (we’re 22 but anything goes at midnight). Just as we were about to go down the slide, we saw someone on the swing that had just been swinging by itself. I could barely make him out because the swing was partially shaded by a tree, but everything about him looked very shadow-y, like if he stepped into the light I feel like he still would have been a shadowy man. And he was very tall and I think in a suit too. We were terrified he was going to turn to us and see us, so we jumped off the play structure and ran away.

James: 8/10 Running away was a good call, but maybe the shadow man just wanted to relieve his shadow childhood days. Thanks for sharing the scares!




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