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by cnkguy
illustrationartgallery:by Daniel danger


by Daniel danger

Source: Tales of Necromancy

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Brand New Cherry Flavor Review

by cnkguy
Brand New Cherry Flavor Review

Hey, I just watched this show on Netflix and wanted to talk about it cuz I liked it.

What kind of show is this?

Well, it’s a weird surreal limited horror series that many have called “Lynchian.” It all has a very dreamlike logic but somehow stays accessible and engaging throughout the eight episodes. It’s also being described as a horror noir which I think is pretty apt.

So what’s it about?

A young filmmaker in 1990s LA seeks revenge on a producer who stole her movie. She goes to a witch to cast a curse on said producer. Things go awry.

Is it scary?

The scares are fairly spaced out, so it’s pretty moderately scary for a tv show. It does have some good frightening moments and an awful lot of body horror. If you like body horror and generally gross weird stuff, well this is for you, my friend.

Like I said, I think this is a great show. If you liked the series Channel Zero, this is basically season 5. It has a compelling story filled with characters you don’t necessarily root for but are interested in following. Rosa Salazar goes crazy in it. Catherine Keener plays a hell of a witch. The setting and style of the show are great, really pulls you into a grimy sundrenched 1990s LA. It’s also pretty funny. It is ever so slightly detached from reality that characters will say things that are hilarious taken out of context.

The one problem I can think of that I did have with this show is the end felt a bit rushed. If we dwelled a bit more on the fallout from the climax it would have been a bit more satisfying.

That said, I’ll give this bad boy an 8/10

Manny Jacinto is also there, kind of not enough, but very pleasant to just have around.




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