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A Ghost in the White HouseThis photo was taken during remodeling…

by cnkguy
A Ghost in the White HouseThis photo was taken during remodeling…

A Ghost in the White House

This photo was taken during remodeling of white house around 1950 by National Parks Service photographer Abbie Rowe and can be found in David McCullough’s book Truman. In the background is clearly visible a dark shadow figure of a man.

The Legend:

After the death of his 11 year old son Willie, President Abraham Lincoln became withdrawn and fearful of his own demise. He turn into the supernatural hoping to get in touch with Willie. Even though his presidency ended with his assassination in 1865, the claim is that Lincoln’s spirit never left the White House. Several presidents and their guests have “witnessed” his apparition in the Lincoln bedroom. It is also said he likes to roam the second floor hallway and knock on bedroom doors. Even President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle report hearing strange noises in the wee hours of the night, but after investigating finding no one in sight.

Source: My Haunted Salem

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White Pine Trail in #Rockford, #Michigan: The White Pine…

by cnkguy
White Pine Trail in #Rockford, #Michigan: The White Pine…

White Pine Trail in #Rockford, #Michigan: 

The White Pine #Trail in Rockford is the site of a former railway which once ran from Walker, Michigan to Cadillac in the north. The location is said to be #haunted by the #spirits of two young girls who were hit by a #train on a #bridge near 10 Mile Road, and whose ghostly #apparitions are allegedly seen by walkers at night. Many also report hearing the sounds of disembodied voices and giggling, or experiencing a strange, unsettling feeling, as if being followed by an unseen #entity.

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Source: Ghost Quest USA

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thewinedarksea: @modernmythsnet | event thirty-two | horror |…

by cnkguy
thewinedarksea: @modernmythsnet | event thirty-two | horror |…


@modernmythsnet | event thirty-two | horror | moral
white lady

a white lady is a type of female ghost, dressed in all white, reportedly seen in rural areas and associated with some local legend of tragedy

Source: Tales of Necromancy

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May 2020 #8 & #9

by cnkguy
May 2020 #8 & #9

H: Aaaaa… girl?

Me: It’s me. How are you?

H: Aaa… been better.

Me: Your cough’s worse.

H: Damp in my lungs. Spring storms.

Me: Nothing whatsoever to do with what you stole from me-

H: Leave it be.

Me: … Is there anything I can do for you?

H: No darlin’. Are you well?

Me: I’m okay. Although Mercy – my, uh, pocketbook? My codex? (H has never got on with the words ‘internet’ ‘email’ or ‘computer’.)

H: Yes.

Me: She’s broken. I can’t send correspondences or look at photographs or read things as I usually do.

H: Aa is there a cure?

Me: I don’t know. Either there will be a simple solution or else it will be complex and expensive.

H: Then I wish her a swift recovery.

Me: Thank you. Are the chittens well? And Tennyson?

H: Yes.

Me: Have you seen your family?

H: Aaaa, no.

Me: Why not?

H: If what I took is communicable… aaa I could not in good conscience…

Me: I’m sorry.

H: It was my choice.

Me: I should let you rest. Be well. Love you.

H: Love you darlin’.


H: (Coughing fit that goes on for far too long)

Me: What can I do, H?

H: Go.

Me: No! Sod this. (I try again to take back whatever illness H stole from me. I can’t tell how successful I am but H stops coughing at last.)

H: …damn you.

Me: You’ve known me long enough to know I’m not just gonna sit here when you’re in that state. Especially when you’re in bed with my case of Covid19-

H: No.

Me: … Are we sharing it then?

H: …yes. I didn’t have the strength to take it all.

Me: I never said you could take any of it! H, please just give it back to me. I’ll be fine. Please – it’s eating you up from the inside – I don’t want you to turn into a bloody leechgeist!

H: Go to sleep girl. It’s late.

Source: Tales of Necromancy

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