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The Totem Pole and the CurseThe sewer system in the town of…

by cnkguy
The Totem Pole and the CurseThe sewer system in the town of…

The Totem Pole and the Curse

The sewer system in the town of Livermore, California was once cursed because of how a totem pole was treated.

Adam “Fortunate Eagle” Nordwald, a member of the Ojibwa Nation, carved this totem pole in 1969 for a local shopping center but when they refused to pay him, he donated to the city of Livermore instead for their 100th anniversary.

This totem pole depicts scenes representing Livermore’s history. Every ring on it represents ten years. It has a carving of the city founder—Robert Livermore and another that shows Atomic energy being used for peaceful purposes.

The pole when given was 18 feet tall and was dedicated in May of 1974.

At the time it was installed in the park, city workers for some unknown reason chopped off a few feet at the bottom of the pole. Nordwald felt this desecrated his work. He demanded it be restored to its original height.

But his demands fell on death ears. The city council refused to restore the pole.

So Norwald placed a curse on the city’s sewer system. Within two weeks Livermore’s entire sewer system backed up.

After this Livermore restored the totem pole to its original height but they never issued an apology to Nordwald so he did not lift the curse.

Some believe this curse has impacted the city in other ways. In 1974 during the centennial celebration a Time Capsule was buried in the park. In 1999, when the city went to unearth it could not be found.

It later was found underneath the totem pole.

In more recent years, two deaths have been blamed on the Nordwald curse. A former city manager and a prominent city resident that were both interviewed in a documentary about Livermore’s history mentioned the totem pole and curse.

They both died within a few short weeks after this documentary’s release. Were they victims of this curse or was it just an eerie coincidence?

Adam Nordwald also became known because of his activism in various Native American protests.

He was the main organizer for the Native American occupation of Alcatraz Island from 1969 until 1971.

In 1973, he “discovered” Italy. He showed up in this country in full tribal regalia and announced in the name of the American Native people that he was taking possession of Italy “by right of discovery” just like Christopher Columbus had done.

Source: My Haunted Salem

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Hey guys! I just added a new page for my #Folklore &…

by cnkguy
Hey guys! I just added a new page for my #Folklore &…

Hey guys! I just added a new page for my #Folklore & #Haunted Locations Guide in #Michigan, where users can display locations for each city individually. I’ve also added a comment section to share stories, or submit pics/EVPs! 👻

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sad-house-of-mortality:Image by Emma Katka

by cnkguy
sad-house-of-mortality:Image by Emma Katka


Image by Emma Katka

Source: Tales of Necromancy

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2020 gothic

by cnkguy
2020 gothic


– you join a zoom call. everyone’s mic is muted, but no one is talking anyway. you stare at the squares with faces in them. which is your face? you can’t be sure.

– the news is full of numbers. you try to learn what they mean, but the articles are full of jargon from fields you have no experience in, and you swear the numbers change when you blink. 

– you wake up. you sleep. you wake up. you sleep. how many days was that? you have no idea.

– you go for a walk. a shadow follows you down the street, moving when you move, stopping when you stop. always the recommended six feet away.

– every day you get several emails from corporations you’ve never heard of. each company name sounds fake, too vague, too optimistic. “Stay healthy! :)” they say. “We’re committed to keeping you safe! You must stay healthy! We love you very much! We learned everything about you so we can keep you safe! Please believe us we love you so much we’ r e  , s 0Rry:):)):))”  You try to unsubscribe, but the link just takes you to a blank black webpage. Suddenly, you can make out your reflection in the screen. What’s that over your shoulder?

– you’ve been wearing the same clothes for days, but somehow there is laundry.




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