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Deer Island Prison in Winthrop, Massachusetts:Deer Island…

by cnkguy
Deer Island Prison in Winthrop, Massachusetts:Deer Island…

Deer Island Prison in Winthrop, Massachusetts:

Deer Island #Prison in Winthrop, #Massachusetts was constructed in 1880 to house men and women convicted of minor crimes such as disorderly conduct or possession of #narcotics. The facility remained open until #December of 1991, at which point the building was #demolished to make way for the Deer Island Waste Water Treatment Plant. Former inmates at the #DeerIsland Prison have reported experiencing a variety of unexplained #paranormal phenomena, such as lights flickering, showers turning on and off by themselves, and heavy doors appearing to be opened or slammed shut by an invisible entity. Guards working at the prison have also reported witnessing the foggy outline of an unidentified man wandering the halls late at night. It is unknown whether the Deer Island Waste Water Treatment Plant is considered to be #haunted, though it now occupies the site of the old Deer Island Prison.

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Source: Ghost Quest USA

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Can Dogs See Ghosts?Many pet owners agree dogs seem to sense…

by cnkguy
Can Dogs See Ghosts?Many pet owners agree dogs seem to sense…

Can Dogs See Ghosts?

Many pet owners agree dogs seem to sense impending danger. There are numerous accounts of how pets have warned their masters and saved them from harm.

There is an interesting discussion on the American Kennel Club site, here as to whether dogs have a “sixth sense.” This article presents compelling evidence that dogs might see things beyond the natural world.

Dogs like most animals use their gut feelings in order to survive. They know something doesn’t feel right and they act upon it quickly unlike their human companions who often stop and analyze situations.

Dogs have sharper senses than humans. Their hearing is keener and they have a wider field of vision. They also see clearer at dawn and dusk.

So can dogs sense or see ghosts? It remains a mystery but their actions often lead their owners to believe they are seeing something unusual, which they themselves cannot see.

The following account was first published in an article on Psychology Today.

A university professor owned a house high on a bluff that overlooked the ocean. His family pet was a Labrador retriever named Lambda. The professor often took the lab on walks down the various paths that led to the sandy beach.

He would unleash Lambda and watch, as his dog would run ahead to scout out the most interesting vegetation along these trails. Needless to say, Lambda enjoyed these walks immensely with one exception.

If the professor chose the path closest to his home his dog always resisted especially when they reached midpoint along this trail. Lambda would freeze, growl strangely and then whimper. He would stare intently at one bush each time.

The lab would not move past this spot until the professor firmly took his collar and dragged him further down the path. This consistent resistance perplexed the professor until he was told about the body that had been found along this path several years before he moved to the neighborhood.

A student had been found dead in the exact spot where Lambda always froze. It was not known if the death had been an accident or foul play.

The professor felt that this accounted for his dog’s odd behavior. He became convinced that Lambda was seeing this young man’s ghost.

Source: My Haunted Salem

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The Ghosts at Lincoln Park ZooThe Lincoln Park Zoo, located in…

by cnkguy
The Ghosts at Lincoln Park ZooThe Lincoln Park Zoo, located in…

The Ghosts at Lincoln Park Zoo

The Lincoln Park Zoo, located in Chicago, Illinois is a prime example of graves being disturbed.

In 1837, Chicago’s City Cemetery contained thousands of victims of several cholera outbreaks. As the city expanded health concerns arose that these bodies were being buried near the cities’ main water supply—Lake Michigan.

When this cemetery was closed in 1866, it is estimated that it contained 30,000 graves. Chicago officials decided to move these bodies outside the city limits.

Families of the deceased were informed, in 1869, that they needed to make other arrangements for their dead relatives. The city then undertook the removal of those who did not have a family.

It is said the 1871 Chicago Fire hindered this work. This fire destroyed many of the grave markers, which meant bodies were left behind.

When this land where the old cemetery was located was given to the Chicago Park Commissioner, one exaggerated rumor declared that there were still 10,000 unmarked graves in the park.

Lincoln park today is a large recreation area that encompasses 1,208 acres. It hosts, formal gardens, a conservatory, nature and history museums, playgrounds, tennis and basketball courts, boating facilities, beaches, hiking paths and trails, including an 18-mile bike path along the lakefront, a golf course, bird refuge and the zoo.

During construction in the park, bodies are sometimes dug up. Lincoln Park Zoo was built in the 1870s directly over the old cemetery site. It is in this southern area of the park where most of the paranormal activity occurs.

In 1962, one of the lost bodies was discovered. The zoo was constructing a new barn when they dug up a skeleton. Since this body could not be identified the zoo director, for legal reasons, had it placed back where it was found, then the barn was built over this grave.

Witnesses report seeing ghosts wearing Victorian clothes throughout the park, they appear out of nowhere and then they quickly disappear.

One lady from this period is observed near the Lion House. She is seen walking around, apparently oblivious to the modern day visitors that pass by.

This same ghost is often spotted in a Ladies Room near this exhibit. Many women have been unnerved when they spot her reflection in the mirror only to turn around and discover she is not there.

There are many reports of lights flickering, and doors slamming all without cause.

EVP’s have been recorded with mysterious voices, both male and female. Several groups have received clear one-word responses to their questions.

Thousands of photographs are taken of the animals at this zoo, every year, but many visitors discover anomalies in these pictures they did not expect.

They find they have captured, strange fogs, streaks, orbs, lights, and faces without bodies. Several have revealed full-bodied apparitions that were not in the area when the pictures were taken.

There are also areas around the zoo, which appear to randomly become infused with negative energy. When people who are sensitive hit these spots they become nauseated.

Another part of the park’s history is pointed to as a further reason for these hauntings. A 42-foot bridge stood in this park from 1894 until 1919.

It was built to give visitors a view of the surrounding area. But it was torn down once it was nicknamed, “Suicide Bridge.” For it was here hundreds of people either hung themselves or jumped to their deaths.

Source: My Haunted Salem

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