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March 2019 #625

by cnkguy
March 2019 #625

H: (coughing and laughing) O darlin’!

Me: What?

H: Only you could appear as I undress.

Me: I can look at the floor?

H: I thought your complaint was of not being able to see me?

Me: It is. (trying to see him)

H: (coughing) That’s disconcerting…

Me: I can’t even work out whet your dressing into or out of, I can’t see anything intimate.

H: (wry) Don’t look too disappointed.

Me: Ha! You’re obviously feeling better.

H: Ablutions were restorative. I feel more myself.

Me: I’m glad to hear it.

H: (lighting a cigarette) What is it?

Me: It doesn’t have to be something…

H: No, it does not. But I see it is, none the less.

Me: My father’s health is really bad. He’s in hospital again. Tarot says he won’t die, but still… And Kal gets very grumpy and argumentative when he drinks bourbon. It hasn’t been the best evening.

H: I myself did not get louder but I did get more vicious in speech. What will you do?

Me: Suggest we don’t drink bourbon? Which is a pity. I like it. I’ll have to say it in a way that makes it sound like not his fault.

H: I didn’t know you so valued male pride!

Me: I don’t, but I know kicking it is trouble.

H: I am not certain (coughing) had you seen my life entire (coughing) you would love me as you do.

Me: Darlin’, no one who saw my life entire would even like me. I lived it and I hate me!

H: (coughing) Do you?

Me:…Not like I used to. But I still don’t like me much either.

H: Fool girl.

Me: People are stardust rearranged in different patterns – we’re complex and contradictory. Our minds and bodies are small galaxies of their own – abysmal and transcendent by turns. No one wants to know anyone utterly because we’re all magic lumps of meat with innards and snot. It’s why we have art and music and poetry – trying to show the stardust side of ourselves.

H: (shaking his head) That why you’re with me?

Me: No – you know it’s not. … Can you reincarnate?

H: I don’t know how to.

Me: Hm. You might come back as a spider or a shambling corpse…

H: (coughing) Never!

Me: I should go. Love you H.

H: Love you darlin’ girl.

Source: Tales of Necromancy

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requiem-on-water: Invocación by Claudia Amuedo

by cnkguy
requiem-on-water: Invocación by Claudia Amuedo


Invocación by Claudia Amuedo

Source: Tales of Necromancy

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Paranormal Activity Spooks Oregon Dispensary Staff

by cnkguy
Paranormal Activity Spooks Oregon Dispensary Staff

Paranormal Activity Spooks Oregon Dispensary Staff:

Surveillance camera footage from sometime in August shows
some weird things happening in the front of the store: The normally clear
footage fills with a kind of “fog,” manager Jordan Brown said. 

Then, a jar of cannabis seems to start moving of its own
accord slowly to the edge of the counter until it tips itself off. Later on, a
pair of scissors also seems to move on their own. Cashier Andy Gomez felt a
presence in the room, he said, and—shook up—reported the incidents to manager
Brown, who reviewed the footage and also was shocked. 

“Frankly, my jaw hit the floor, dude,” he said. “And I’m
not one to be like, ‘Aw, man, it’s a ghost.’“

Brown denies staging the video or altering it in any way.
“That video was 100% legit. We did not mess with it in any shape or form. Why
would we lie?” Not to mention, it’s illegal to alter the state-mandated
surveillance footage.

Full article available at Leafly/ Video available at WPTV

Source: Equinox Paranormal

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