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March 2019 #624

by cnkguy
March 2019 #624

H: (coughing) Darlin’.

Me: Morning. How are you

H: Somewhat improved,
thank you.

Me: What did you get up
to yesterday?

H: I wrote, and I
watched the kits play.

Me: Writing letters?

H: Some.

Me: What else were you

H: Musings on (coughing)
the nature of memory and nostalgia.

Me: Would you read it to me?

H: Perhaps when it is

Me: Can I get you

H: No, but I’ll take
some of that coffee if I may?

Me: Sure – it’s hot.

H: … How was your day?

Me: Quite productive.
Chores and chittens and writing. I also came to a decision.

H: O?

Me: About the editorial column.
I won’t keep it running daily any more. It will be more of an occasional thing.
And I won’t post our conversations any more.

H: Won’t your readership
mind? (coughing) It’s what they’re there for, is it not?

Me: I have no idea why
1290 people are there, frankly. It’s lovely they are, but it’s a mystery why.

H: When will you stop?

Me: Soon – when this
notebook’s full. If I may, I’d like to end on your piece about memory and
nostalgia – it seems appropriate.

H: It wasn’t intended
for publication.

Me: You can say no…

H: (smiling) No darlin’, all I
meant was I’ll have to up my game.

Me: Ha! I read that
letter you wrote to the newspaper about the Incident. And the story you wrote
for me. Your writing is sufficiently elegant for publication.

H: (laughing and
coughing) Sufficiently elegant?!

Me: What will you do

H: I will cook for the
kits, (coughing) light work that keeps me by the stove. Then I shall bathe and
shave – if the devil in my lungs will let me. (coughing) What about you

Me: Ready the column to
wind down, work on my 18th C novel, and then meet Kal after work for
a pint. … What?

H: What do you miss
about home?

Me: …I miss the grandeur
and the atmosphere of the Oast. Speaking to and visiting my friends and family
with ease. I miss the cold weather and the clothes I can wear. I miss seeing
you so clearly. I miss all the projects I was able to do – weaving, sewing,
printing and silversmithing.

H: (coughing) I see.
Thank you.

Me: You look
contemplative. Shall I leave you to muse?

H: (coughing) …Yes.

Me: Alright. Love you H.

H: Love you darlin’.

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by cnkguy


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Ghost 'spotted' in Massachusetts grocery store spooks locals — and sparks debate

by cnkguy
Ghost 'spotted' in Massachusetts grocery store spooks locals — and sparks debate

Ghost ‘spotted’ in Massachusetts grocery store spooks locals — and sparks debate:

“I was in the bakery working and I was writing on a cake for a customer,” Bush explained. “And when I turned around to bring the cake back to the counter, I saw the lady in the background — she was staring right at me. I looked down for a second because it didn’t register and when I looked back she was gone.”

The apparition was, according to Bush, so human-like that if it hadn’t been for the woman’s dated appearance, she wouldn’t have thought much of it.

“She was old. She had short curly, grandma hair, like every grandmother’s haircut. And she [was] in this white dressing gown and had a white hair cap and she wasn’t wearing shoes,” Bush told TODAY. “I thought it was really strange she wasn’t wearing shoes.”

For the full article, visit Today. 

Source: Equinox Paranormal

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