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10-Richardson's Graveyard AKA Witch's Hollow

jeffkillszombies submitted:

I saw that you followed me and I was intrigued. After reading a few of the stories on here, I decided I’d share my own. I used to live in a small town call Douglas in Massachusetts. Nearby in Rhode Island, at a location I don’t care to mention as I have far too much respect for this place, is a graveyard in the woods. It’s hard to research online for some reason, even though it’s registered and everything.
My father took us there once as small children to scare us (and it worked) and he used to tell us stories about the place. Supposedly one of the women buried there, a Judah Daley, was murdered for being a witch (not sure how. Burned maybe?) It’s odd that she’s buried there as she has no relation to the Richardson family, who make up the rest of the graveyard (as well as a series of small, uncut stone markers people have told me would be the graves of their slaves. Nice, I know.

Anyways, her grave looks practically untouched by time, even though it’s the oldest grave there. All the other graves are crumbling or have been destroyed by local kids, but hers remains untouched. Except for the large hole in front of it that’s filled in with stones. But when my father was young, it didn’t used to be. According to him, any dog that goes anywhere near that graveyard goes crazy and tries to dig up her grave for no apparent reason, which explains why it would be filled with stones. He brought his own dog there once and said it had similar results of the dog starting to act insane even before they stepped foot in the place, so he fled quickly.

He had a few more stories, one about his friends and him heading up there and having the car not work even though there was nothing wrong with it. They had to push it and as soon as they got far enough away it started to work again. There were stories that on Halloween, a coven used to practice there and worship Judah’s spirit. Supposedly one of his friends went there once and witnessed this. He thought no one saw him and he left unharmed. The next day he realized he had dropped his zippo, so he headed back to the graveyard. In the spot where he had hid there was a knife in the ground that had been burned black by flame. Needless to say he stayed far far away. And needless to say, once my friends and I were old enough to get out there, I told them we had to explore this place. I didn’t expect what would happen to happen at the time, I thought it might be a little spooky.I was off on the little part.

I have gone over fifty times, so really it’s just easier to list some of the experiences (if i listed them all this story would be even more long winded and include far too many parenthesis which it clearly already does). The percentage of people I bring experience a feeling of dread upon stepping in the place. For some people, it’s only a slight feeling. For other like myself, the place just feels wrong, as if it doesn’t want you there. The feeling of being watched is a constant companion. We always stand around Judah’s grave on the far right side of the graveyard, as her spirit is supposedly the cause of the haunting (which I disagree with but I’ll get into that later). On the far left side is a small metal fence. Myself and others often see small lights peek out from behind the poles in the fence. They freaked me out at first but I’ve long ago decided that whatever they are they mean no harm, unlike other things in the place.

Screams have been heard multiple times in the woods near us, always a woman’s but varying in the distance from the graveyard. Whispering has been heard as well but never anything coherent. I have seen shadows move and even a few times I thought I saw one follow us out of the place. Phantom lights have been seen by myself and one of my good friends, once in the sky by me and once in the field near by by both of us. These lights were so vivid and behaving so oddly that the first time I saw them I was brought to tears, it just HURT my sense of reality to see. I had always suspected there was something else to this world, but seeing such vivid evidence was too much for me the first few times, I’ll admit.

But it only got worse from here. One night we brought far too many people to the graveyard and hence it wasn’t very scary. Half the people just stood around and goofed off, moping about what a disappointment the place was. We left early, but upon stepping out the small stones that serve as the gate, I was suddenly compelled to turn around. I noticed vaguely that a few of my friends did the same, but it didn’t really register until we all started screaming. Something large and black was on one of the larger graves and after a few seconds, it shot off into the sky. This was followed by what I can only say appeared to be an “orb” fly over the top of the trees around the graveyard. We all ran back to the cars but my friend’s vehicle would not start no matter what we did (naturally I was having flashbacks to my father’s story at this point.)

We rolled the car down into the road and attempted to jump it to no avail. The battery appeared to be 100% dead. My friend left her car frustrated and slammed the door. The power locks immediately slammed down (yes, I said the power locks.) and none of the doors would budge, even the key wouldn’t turn in the lock! We all started to freak and she was considering smashing the window when I noticed the orb again. It was hovering off in the distance slightly over the tree line. I pointed it out and we all freaked out a bit more. Suddenly, the orb turned red before disappearing. Right after it did this the car doors unlocked and the engine started by itself, seeming no worse for wear. We fled as quickly as possible and didn’t go back for a long while.

Since then worse things have happened. The same friend was tackled by an unseen force on the path leading the the graveyard and her hands and arms were scratched up badly. I heard a dog or similar animal hop the fence of the graveyard one night (when we brought no flashlights and it was pitch dark) and run straight at me. I through up my hands and hit the ground, expecting to be attacked. After screaming a bit and not being mauled, I looked around to see my friends staring at me oddly by the light of one of their cell phones. I was the only one that had heard the animal.

Perhaps one of the oddest times was a shared experience between myself and the same female friend I have mentioned before. I said before that I didn’t think Judah was the cause of the haunting. Well, every time any of these super intense things happened, I always felt a strong masculine presence. I can’t explain it but the presence has always felt….wrong. As if it was never human but something far different(and honestly I feel that it is entirely evil or at least malevolent). I think we saw it once. I felt something near by so I looked to my right and saw what I can only describe as legs in front of me, but they were incredibly thin and pitch black. I shut my eyes and shook my head and when I opened them they were gone. I informed my friends I wanted to leave and as I did that my friend looked at me in horror and said “Why, did you see the stick guy?”

I still go to this place whenever I’m back in my home town, but I honestly feel this place isn’t safe and I shouldn’t be doing this. By now, it’s just an obsession I suppose. I have other stories and if anyone wants them they can feel free to message me. If you live in the Boston-Worcester area of MA I may even be persuaded to give you an address, but I doubt it. I know a lot of this sounds far fetched, but I swear everything I witnessed I have been honest about. I never needed to exaggerate anything about this place, as the truth has always been more than enough.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Fey: that’s like a handful of 10’s all in one!  10/10 for scares and thank you for sharing!  Please feel free to send us more!

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by cnkguy
10-Richardson's Graveyard AKA Witch's Hollow

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  • Cliff says:

    Can i get a location for this graveyard? I currently started dating this woman and the two of us are big into the paranormal, and we live in the area. But weve yet to find any legit/ credible sites. I would appreciate it greatly.

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