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10 Haunted Places in Alaska

Alaska may be sparsely populated, but “America’s Last Frontier” has no shortage of ghosts. From former brothels to icy creeks, here are 10 of the most haunted places in Alaska.

Old Jesse Lee Home for Children – Seward


The Jesse Lee Home for Children opened in 1926 and housed hundreds of orphans until a earthquake damaged the building in 1964. The huge quake allegedly killed several children who now haunt the dilapidated property. Visitors experience feelings of dread and despair, hear the giggles of unseen children, and see shadowy figures flit past the windows. The faint sounds of jump ropes and bouncing balls are also common.

Ship Creek – Anchorage

ship creek anchorage

The story goes that in 1987, someone murdered a native Alaskan woman near Ship Creek. Now the victim, Marie, reportedly haunts the area to warn drifters about the dangers of loitering. Some say Marie appears only to other native Alaskans. Others claim Marie extends her kindness to all, even going so far as to pull a blanket over homeless men or women sleeping near the creek. Marie appears to favor the area between the old ANS Hospital and the railroad terminal.

Red Onion Saloon – Skagway

red onion saloon haunted

Legend has it that the Red Onion Saloon, a former bordello, is home to a number of female spirits, including a former madam named Lydia. It seems Lydia likes to water plants and push male patrons from behind. Cold spots, disembodied voices, mysterious footsteps, and the lingering smell of perfume also plague the whore house-turned-restaurant and brothel museum.

University of Alaska Anchorage, Wendy Williamson Auditorium – Anchorage

haunted theater

A theater just wouldn’t be complete without a resident ghost, and UAA’s student theater is no exception. Despite being a little more than 40 years old, the university’s Wendy Williamson Auditorium is reportedly home to a number of ghosts. Brunettes may want to watch their step as an angry male spirit has been known to push women with long, brown hair. One night, a ghostly woman in white allegedly appeared during a performance, though audience members thought she was part of the show. Other spirits include giggling children and a kind teenage boy.

Bay View Cemetery – Ketchikan

haunted graveyard

They say a headless woman appears to those brave enough to visit Bay View Cemetery at night. However, that’s not all visitors see. As they attempt to leave, the woman’s head will then appear on the roadway, eyes bulging, mouth stretching into a silent scream.

Fairbanks Memorial Hospital – Fairbanks

Fairbanks Memorial Hospital

Mysterious spirits reportedly appear in the hospital’s nursery wing whenever an infant is close to death. Nurses describe these spirits as angels and believe they are generally good. Other strange events include plunging temperatures and the sounds of babies in empty rooms. Perhaps the beings mean to comfort the dying infants as they cross over.

Diamond Center – Anchorage

diamond center haunted

If the stories are true, the crew that built Anchorage’s Diamond Center committed the ultimate offense, one all but guaranteed to stir up angry ghosts: they dug up the remains of an ancient Indian burial ground. Now the ghosts of displaced Alaskan natives reportedly roam the mall, particularly dimly lit corridors and nearly empty restrooms. No word on which Bath & Body Works scent they prefer, though everyone, dead or alive, knows that Cucumber Melon is the best.

Nightmute High School – Nightmute

haunted high school

Legend has it this Alaskan high school has its very own Moaning Myrtle, or something like it. The ghost of a little girl reportedly haunts the school’s bathrooms, flushing toilets and flicking lights on and off. She’s also known to hum and play with basketballs in the gym. No one’s quite sure who the ghost girl is, though a grave discovered under Room 106 may explain the haunting.

Begich Towers – Whittier


Nearly all of Whittier’s 215 residents live in the Begich Towers Condominium. Stores, churches, and public utilities are also housed in the 14-story towers, as are a few ghosts. One resident ghost is fond of whistling, another stomps up and down the stairs. The city manager once awoke to rustling in his kitchen but found no one when he went to investigate. The haunted towers are particularly frightening during winter, when snow clogs the roads and residents are unable to leave town.

Courtyard Anchorage Airport – Anchorage


This hotel is home to a ghost cat and two men who reportedly died on the property. One man lurks in Room 201 where his body lay undiscovered for several days (or so the story goes). The other ghost, Ken, hangs around the parking lot, startling guests as they walk to and from their cars. Management is supposedly aware of the problem and is working to keep the spirits from disturbing guests.

Source: Learn about Paranormal Activity and Real Hauntings here, plus see and explore Ghost Towns



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10 Haunted Places in Alaska

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