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moonprismpwr submitted: 

When I was younger, about 6 or 7 maybe, we lived in a small town in one of the more secluded areas of Pennsylvania. It was a typical setting, mom and pop stores, people who had grown up with eachother for generations, and extensive wooded areas. 

At the time I was living with my parents and my grandmother in a single house. Two houses down lived a family with a little girl named Joanna. We were both only children and quickly became friends. Jo was a big outdoorsy type, and we were always climbing trees or toeing the edge of the woods. I was never allowed to actually go into the wood though, having stricter parents than she did, and I didn’t dare try to lie about it (my mother always knew when I’d gone behind her back about something). 

One day Jo came over and wanted to play. My grandmother told her I’d play later because I had to go to get a checkup before the school year started. It was summer, and we often stayed out long playing because the sun was out longer. That evening I was hanging around the house when I heard a tap-tap on the screen door (we left the solid front door open in the summer when it was still bright to let fresh air in as we didnt have aircon at the time). Jo was standing there, which I found odd, because she usually would let herself in. I came over and opened the door and she asked me to come play. She looked really scruffy, more than usual, so I asked her what she’d been doing. She told me she’d been in the woods and found an awesome spot and that we had to go, just this once, she promised. I felt uneasy and told her I couldn’t because of my mom. But Jo kept insisting and the whole situation just became weirder because she wouldn’t come in the house and just stood there outside the door. Her insisting bordered on aggressive at one point, and I felt myself become anxious. I pretended to go upstairs and ask my grandma if it was okay to go play with Jo, and then lied and said she wanted me to stay in. Jo was angry, and I closed the door. I eventually peeped through the blinds to see if she was still out there, but she wasn’t. 

That night I was in the living room watching cartoons while my grandma made dinner. There was a huge commotion suddenly as my parents burst in, rushing over to me. My mom was crying and hugging me and I just didn’t understand why she kept saying she was so relieved.

Earlier that morning, when I had gone with nana to the doctors, Jo had gone into the woods and was playing. She somehow tripped on a root or a rock and fell down a steep decline, broke her neck, and died. 

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Fey: wow. 10/10 for scares and thank you for sharing!!

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