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Aliens – Do you believe in extraterrestrial life?

Afterlife – Do you believe in life after death?

Bat – What’s your favorite creature associated with Halloween?

Banshee – Have you ever had a paranormal encounter? If so, do tell!

Bloody – Have you ever played Bloody Mary?

Cemetery – Have you ever gone ghosthunting? If not, would you?

Cobweb – Are you afraid of spiders?

Classic  – What’s your favorite classic spooky movie?

Death – Are you afraid of death?

Dreadful – What’s your deepest fear?

Eerie – Imagine your worst nightmare scenario. What is it?

Enchant – Do you believe in magic?

Favorite – What’s your favorite Halloween episode of a television show?

Fantasy –  What’s your favorite mythical character?

Frighten – What was the most scared you’ve ever been?

Ghoul – What’s your favorite horror/Halloween song?

Gory – Do you like horror?

Gothic – Who’s your favorite macabre figure from history?

Haunted House – Yay or nay?

History – Are you familiar with the origins of Halloween?

Hocus Pocus – What’s your favorite spooky season movie?

King – What’s your favorite Halloween tradition?

Jack-O-Lantern – Do you carve pumpkins for Halloween?

Lantern – Would you ever go through a haunted house with no light source?

Macabre – What’s your favorite part of spooky season?

Mysterious – What’s your favorite unsolved mystery?

Night – Do you like the dark or fear it?

Nerve – Do you get scared easily?

Owl – What creature would you have as a familiar?

Ouija – Have you ever use a Ouija board?

Party  – Do you go to Halloween parties, or keep it more lowkey?

Poltergeist – Do you believe in ghosts?

Queen – What’s your all time favorite costume?

RIP – What would your tombstone say?

Salem – Do you like black cats?

Skeleton – What never fails to send a shiver down your spine?

Spell – What kind of magical power would you like to have?

Spooks – What’s your favorite scary movie franchise?

Superstitious – Are you superstitious (or perhaps just a little


Treats – What’s your favorite Halloween treat?

Tricks – Do you like to go trick-or-treating?

Unnerving – What’s a sound that’s off-putting to you?

Vampire – Fact or fiction?

Wand – What kind of wand would you have?

Werewolves – Fact or fiction?

Yearn – What’s something you’re looking forward to this spooky season?

Zombie – How long do you think you’d survive if a zombie apocalypse happened?

Source: Tales of Necromancy

by cnkguy
👻🎃🧟‍♂️Spooky Szn Asks🧟‍♂️🎃👻

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