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​McDowell Cemetery in South Haven, Michigan:Sometimes also…

​McDowell Cemetery in South Haven, Michigan:

Sometimes also referred to as Hawks Head #Cemetery, McDowell Cemetery in South Haven, #Michigan is said to be #haunted by the #spirit of a mysterious woman wearing a white gown, named #Flora. Flora is believed to have been the former mistress or partner of the late #American #gangster #AlCapone, who achieved notoriety as one of the most infamous #alcohol smugglers in the #UnitedStates during the #AlcoholProhibition of the 1920’s and 1930’s. Her final resting place is marked by a large #tombstone inscribed with nothing more than the name “Flora,” which leaves many details about her identity, her relationship to Capone, and the cause of her #death a #mystery. Those visiting McDowell Cemetery late at night report encountering Flora’s #apparition wearing a long, #WhiteDress, with many also noting that her presence is often accompanied by the disembodied sounds of chimes ringing in the distance. On numerous other occasions visitors to McDowell Cemetery have also reported witnessing a glowing red #orb that defies explanation.

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​McDowell Cemetery in South Haven, Michigan:Sometimes also…

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