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​Lake Forest Cemetery in Grand Haven, Michigan:Lake Forest…

​Lake Forest Cemetery in Grand Haven, Michigan:

Lake Forest #Cemetery in Grand Haven, #Michigan was established in 1873, and is believed to be one of the most #haunted cemeteries in the #UnitedStates. The area known as Ferry Hill is said to be haunted by a spectral entity known as The Blue Man, who many believe is the spirit of Reverend William M. Ferry, who passed away in 1867 and was renowned as being one of Grand Haven’s most prominent founders. His spirit often manifests at night as a blue orb of light, or a glowing blue humanoid figure. Those who have encountered The Blue Man believe that he remains at the cemetery to protect it from unwanted trespassers and vandalism. Many visitors at Lake Forest Cemetery also report witnessing #orbs, #apparitions, and #ShadowFigures in an area known as Potter’s Field, where it’s estimated that the remains of over 1,500 of the town’s poorest men and women were buried in a mass grave. Another popular #folklore tale claims that when a newly deceased man or woman is buried in Lake Forest Cemetery, their spirit will climb the spiral staircase leading up to Ferry Hill; if they are judged worthy, their spirit is allowed to continue upwards to #Heaven, but if not, they are damned to #Hell for eternity. For this reason the stairs leading to Ferry Hill are often referred to as The #StairwayToHeaven, or The Stairway To Hell.

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​Lake Forest Cemetery in Grand Haven, Michigan:Lake Forest…

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